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RRR Melbourne BBQ Day 2004

Ceres Environmental Park
Sunday, December 5th 2004

It feels like Summer,
It must be the season,
The BBQ season,
Mighty, mighty pleasin'...

The first Sunday in December means one thing in Melbourne, BBQ day. I have been for the last three years and it keeps getting better each year.

I hadn't been to Ceres Environmental Park, but I would recommend going and taking a picnic as you could spend the whole day there looking at the various exhibits around the place.

What makes the day special is that RRR FM broadcasts three of their Sunday afternoon shows live from the BBQ with special guests and musicians during the day.

The show "Eat It" was on first where they discussed various things to do with barbequing including what wine to drink. Special guest was Julian Wu (who bought his Wu-BBQ) who talked about how gas is a "wet" heat while charcoal briquettes are dry.

Many more people turned up than they were expecting so I only lined up for a veggie burger and a sausage twice. I liked seeing Zan Rowe with her pink gloves and matching top (I wish I had got a photo.)

Next up was the show about PR "The Spin" they had special audience participations for their "worst of the year" awards.

Worst Ad:
Sultana Bran "heard it on the grape vine"

Media Slut of the year:
Jana Pittman

The last show for the day was the JVG Radio Method hosted by Johnny Von Goes who also organised the day.

They had a special "Gas vs. Heat Beads" taste test with the help of Julian Wu. Heat Beads won.

The Twits played their song "Last laugh" with special lyrics about a sausage.

Next up was Gary Adams and his "BBQ = Australia" poem which got a great reaction from the crowd.

Other songs on the day (I'll let you work out what the original songs were.)

Try a Little Tenderising - Melbourne BBQ Orchestra with Dr Pump
Grillin' - Melbourne BBQ Orchestra
Turn Turn Turn (the snags) - GIT
Skippy Skippy Steak - lead singer from the Exotics
Mild Sauces - the Harrington Brothers from the Large No. 12's
Barbequein' - Johnny Von Goes
Back in the Burgerline - Melbourne BBQ Orchestra
You Be Grillin' - Melbourne BBQ Orchestra
Fight For your Right to Barbie! - Melbourne BBQ Orchestra
Sunday Barbie Sunday - Melbourne BBQ Orchestra

I wish they would release a CD of the songs they have done for this day over the past few years, they are really funny.

Even though I felt like I needed a saline drip in my arm after the day, I am already looking forward to next year - Sunday, December 4th 2005.
Mark your calendars.

Bonus video!

"Sunday Barbie Sunday" clip (2min 59sec)
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