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RRR Melbourne BBQ Day 2005

Ceres Environmental Park
Sunday, 4th December, 2005

I caught the tram the whole way to East Brunswick this year and ended up arriving about half way through Eat It. The highlight of the show was the annual BBQ cook off, but I forget who won on the day. What I also liked about the day was it gave me the best chance to see a lot of people I know from around Melbourne.

JVG Radio method began with several performances along with the BBQ themed songs - Johnny Harms BBQ poetry, a BBQ Science demonstration and even Madame BBQ singing a BBQ inspired operatic piece.

To kick off the music performances was a strange spoken word piece with JVG and another Tim on sound effects. The Melbourne BBQ Orchestra was great again and it is a shame that they only get together once a year as they are great.

Other BBQ themed performances:
- Henry Wagons & friend: 'Let the meat go on'
- Fred Negro as Steve Cave: Slivers (of silverside)
- Barb Waters song about a sausage
- The famous BBQuein' by JVG
- Suzannah Espie: 'Oh Barbie Day'
- Dan Warner: 'The Worst Cut is the Cheapest'
- Dave Larkin: 'Whole lot of Rosemary'
- Dr Pump & the Town Bikes: 'Hot for Butcher'
- Dr Pump: 'I wear the Thongs'

Special bonus song:
- Gay barbie
- Always take the webber with you

It's a bit sad it is now over for another year, but it is the perfect introduction to Summer and I am going to put the 3rd of December, 2006 in my diary for next year.

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