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RRR Melbourne BBQ Day 2006

Ceres Environmental Park
Sunday, 3rd December, 2006
with special guests Ian Bland, Gary Adams, Melbourne BBQ Orchestra: Big Kev, Dan, Ed Bates, Dan Warner, Marcel Borrack, Sarah Carroll, Fred Negro, Wagons, Tides of Welcome Community Choir, Barb Waters, Wes & Horse, Suzannah Espie, Dr Pump, Merri Creek Primary School dancers

I have tried to provide a commentary for the past in previous years, but this year I'll just list what you missed by not turning up on the day:

  • spoken word BBQ piece by Ian Bland
  • Poetry by Gary Adams
  • BBQ Instrumental
  • Travelling Wheelbarrows: Handle meat with care
  • Dan Warner: Got to get a sausage to you
  • Dan Warner, Marcel Borrack & Sarah Carroll: Buns with meat
  • Fred Negro: Waitin' for the lamb
  • Wagons: Hip-hop BBQ (fry up some MOFO onions!)
  • Tides of Welcome Community Choir: Tenderise
  • Close the snag shop down
  • Barbie Waters: I'll be at your barbie tonight
  • It ain't meat
  • It's all over BBQ
  • Wes & Horse: Lazy Sunday BBQ
  • Suzannah Espie: Union BBQ
  • Rock & Roll Coleslaw
  • Pumpy: Fridge, Cookin' the Rump & Chop Griller

Having attended the last five RRR Melbourne BBQ Days and photographed the last three, I can definitely say that this was the best yet and was well worth the trouble of marking on the calendar at least a year in advance as I did last year. (Next year's RRR Melbourne BBQ Day is on 2nd December 2007, put it in your calendar now even before birthdays or anniversaries.)

This year I also found out the cafe sells raspberry vodka & lemonade so I will make better use of it if I go there in the future. I need to take an esky full of icy poles if it is a stinker also and an ice-pack for my eyes the next day after being out in the sun all day.

2002 (was called 'National BBQ Day' until the official organisers moved it to September for Sydney - their loss!)

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