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Melbourne BBQ Day 2007

Ceres Environmental Park
Sunday, 2rd December, 2006
with special guests Ian Bland, Melbourne BBQ Orchestra, Dan Warner, Sime Nugent, Tracee Hutchison, Bob Starkey, Sarah Carroll, Wes & Horse Harrington, Barb Waters, Angry (Wally) Meanie, DC Root, Fred Negro, Wolfgramm Sisters, Marcel Borrack, Chuck Steak Jenkins, Big Kev, Dan, Matt Earle, Ed Bates

It was a stinking hot day so I opted to get to Ceres via two trams via St Kilda. Even though it took a lot longer, it meant I could sit on an air-conditioned tram all the way, rather than walking to the train station, waiting for a train, having to walk to the tram stop and wait for a tram.

Eat It was just finishing when I arrived and they announced the winner of the Heat Beads recipe competition (the beef I think), I liked the eggplant when I tried it later. I ended up having a sausage and veggie burger first and then going back for the gourmet grill later.

Dirty Deeds had a good show and even showed off a Woolamai pine that is being sold by Ceres nursery to use as a Christmas tree.

On to the set list for JVG's show:
Outpost - BBQ sound-scape
Ian Bland - BBQ themed piece about the recent election
Sime Nugent - My rissole
Tracee Hutchison - Them beads light up
Bob Starkey - Good in Bread
Sarah Carroll - Here comes your lamb
Horse Harrington - BBQ Sunset
Wes Harrington - Chops off
Barb Waters - Sauté your lamb
Angry Meanie - It can't be eaten
DC Root - My BBQ
Fred Negro - I wanna eat steak
JVG - Hit me with your lamb shashlik
Wolfgramm Sisters - Tried to make me eat a kebab & Lady Oyster Blade
Marcel Borrack - Paprika
Dave Larkin - LPG
Dan Warner - Barbie Day
Chuck Steak Jenkins - Saveloys are back in town

There was a break with tradition with laptops being used for the BBQ sound-scape which was interesting. The rest of the songs went really well and I thought Ian Bland did a great job writing them.

It was a very pacy two hours this year and seemed to be over too quickly as usual, I am looking forward to next year already - Sunday 7th December 2008.

N.B.: I had to take my camera in to get fixed during the week as it barely made it through the Queenscliff Music Festival and another day would be pushing it as it wouldn't work outside. I ended up buying a cheap point and shoot camera just for this day, so hopefully the photos turn out OK.

Bonus videos:
All hail the barbie!
Bob Starkey - Good in Bread
Wes & Horse Harrington - Chops Off

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