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RRR Melbourne BBQ Day 2008

Ceres Environmental Park
Sunday, 7th December, 2008
with special guests Melbourne BBQ Orchestra, Dan Warner, Harrington Brothers, Ian Bland, Barb Waters, Bob Starkie, Charles Jenkins, Dave Larkin, Dr Pump, Sarah Carroll, Suzannah Espie, Adam Simmonds, Wagons, Fred Negro, Jimmy Clinkerfield, Wolfgramm Sisters

Songs for this year:
Cortez the Griller - Dan Warner
Mild Sauces - Harrington Brothers
Ian Bland BBQ Poem
Bloody Motherfuckin' Rissole - Barb Waters
All My Friends are Having Barbies - Bob Starkie
Always Take the Webber - Charles Jenkins
BBQuein' - JVG
LPG - Dave Larkin
Gary Adams - Poem
Grilling Meat Softly - Dr Pump
Gotta Get a Sausage to You - Dan Waner, Sarah Carroll, Suzannah Espie
Do the Funky Sausage - JVG
BBQ Rap - Wagons
I'm waitng for my lamb - Fred Negro
Rock'n'Roll Coleslaw - Jimmy Clinkerfield
Whole lot of Rosemary - Dave Larkin
Lady Oysterblade - Wolfgram Sisters
Papa's Got a Brand New Snag - Dr Pump
Gay Barbie - Dr Pump
Rump - Dr Pump
Sunday Barbie Sunday - Dr Pump
The BBQ is Over - Sarah Carroll & Suzannah Espie

Melbourne BBQ Day is the gig I have to wait all year for as I always put it in my diary the day after the one the year before. Next year's (hopefully) is the 6th December 2009.

The BBQ was a bit different this year with just a simple couple of hot plates selling only snags and veggie burgers run by a local footy club. Having the gourmet stuff in previous years was nice, but it is best to do at home where you have the time and space and don't have to feed hundreds of people at once as it was a bit complex.

I arrived for the end of Eat It and walked around during Dirty Deeds getting something to eat and making a run at the RRR bar.

The JVG section of the show was a greatest BBQ hits program this year with all the old favourites including some that the performers still get asked about after doing them once a few years ago now.

Dr Pump's GAY BBQ also got an airing and it was the most popular song to dance to for some reason.

The poetry from Ian Bland and Gary Adams was also great and a lot different than you would expect.

Wagons should do more hip-hop stuff at their gigs as their BBQ Rap went down really well.

I hadn't heard anything about it possibly being the last Melbourne BBQ Day hosted by RRR until the day. Even if JVG has to put a hotplate on bricks down by the Merri Creek I will go next year. I was asked by someone after the gig if anyone had videotaped it. I'd say no, except for someone who I saw with a cameraphone (yuck!). I have a handful of clips from past years but that doesn't count.

After the broadcast I went down to Transport bar in the city to see a set of the Large Number 12s and almost fell asleep on a chair. Some people wanted me to come and see the Detonators over at Young and Jacksons also.

My friend had her birthday BBQ that day so I went to that in Camberwell later. Cheers to Jenn, Emma and Guy and hopefully Liv Fast the birthday girl had fun later after being body slammed into the pool in all her clothes and going to have a lie down.


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