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RRR Melbourne BBQ Day 2009

Ceres Environmental Park
Sunday, 6th December 2009
with special guests Melbourne BBQ Orchestra, Dan Warner, Sarah Carroll, Marcel Borrack, JVG, Barb Waters, Ian Bland, Dave Larkin, The Eggs, Van Walker, Jimmy Clinkerfield, Stewart Farrell, The Harrington Brothers, Chris O'Connor, Wolfgramm Sisters, Dr Pump

Song List:
My Meat Thawed - Dan Warner
Spooky BBQ - Sarah Carroll
The Meat is On - Marcel Borrack
Do the Funky Sausage - JVG
Friend of the Breville - Barb Waters
Ian Bland BBQ Poem
Brattwurst and Sweethearts - Dave Larkin
Sausages in Bread - The Eggs
Sweetheart Like You - Van Walker
Meatball Wizard - Jimmy Clinkerfield
Fry Me a Liver - Suzannah Espie
Pork this way - Stewart Farrell, Dave Larkin & Jimmy Clinkerfield
Crumbling Ice - The Harrington Brothers
Grill Grill Grill - Chris O'Connor
Onion Ring - Wolfgramm Sisters
BBQ & MBO introduction - JVG
It's a Lamb's world - Dr Pump
It's smokey - Dr Pump
Fight for your right to barby - Dr Pump
So this is brisket - Dan Warner

With all the hype over MasterChef this year and even best selling literary works being set in the world of the backyard BBQs, it's good to know some things never change. Walking into the car park at CERES I managed to hear Eat It just starting and smell the BBQ and knew it would be another good year.

Landline is on at the same time so I don't usually get the chance to listen to Eat It so it was good to hear the BBQ recommendations and see them in action on the grill up front.

I did get to meet Digger from Dirty Deeds before the show and it was good to see them again after last year. There were lots of good questions from the audience in particular for the Bird Man Sean Dooley who was a guest on the panel.

Having had a greatest hits show of sorts last year, this year JVG's show had all new songs with tested performers and a few new guest stars.

I thought this year's BBQ Day was great and it seemed like lots more people came this time, some more of my friends also came, which was great and I am looking forward to next year.


Dan Warner

with with special guests Melbourne BBQ Orchestra, Sarah Carroll, Fred Negro, Horse, Dr Pump, James Stewart, Sticks
Lomond Hotel, Sunday 6th December 2009

In what was a new event after BBQ Day this year, Dan Warner and the Melbourne BBQ Orchestra had a special gig at the Lomond afterwards in the style of an extended Warner Corner segment where Ian Bland would hold up a word and the band would have to come up with a song to play on that theme.

Luckily I had arrived straight after BBQ day finished down the road so I was able to get a seat, lots of people turned up and had a great time.

I enjoyed not having to rush off straight after the outside broadcast finished and hopefully it happens again next year.

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