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RRR Melbourne BBQ Day 2010

Ceres Environmental Park
Sunday, 5th December 2010
with special guests Melbourne BBQ Orchestra, Dan Warner, Barb Waters, Quincy McLean, Oliver Mann, Oliver Mann, Fred Negro, Jesse Lawrence, Chris Wilson, Lynelle Moran, Sean Dooley, Wolfgramm Sisters, Jane Clifton, Mark Ferrie, Charles Jenkins, Sime Nugent, Sarah Carroll, Dr Pump

Song List:
Dan Warner - BBQ on the Beach
JVG - The Girl with the BBQ Thighs
Barb Waters - Sashimi
Ian Bland - BBQ-themed poem
Quincy McLean - Fuck Salad Annie
Oliver Mann - Cold Lamb Dinner
Jesse Lawrence & Chris Wilson - It's Ready
Fred Negro - BBQ Medley
Lynelle Moran & Sean Dooley - My BBQ is Greasy & It's Beautiful
Wolfgramm Sisters - Satay Me, Fry Me a Liver
JVG - The Funky Sausage
Jane Clifton - I Got a BBQ
Mark Ferrie - Delicious
Charles Jenkins - Bang it On
Sime Nugent - I want it marinated
Sarah Carroll - Tofu Fighting
Dr Pump - I think I'm going out of my head, I wanna be adored, Greasy
Dan Warner - Who's gonna make the marinade?

"OW! Shit! Ow!" I yelped as I shook a bottle of water all over myself, dropped my sausage on the ground and somehow let the rissole slide down my front so it left a big greasy stain down the front of my shirt. Not bad for the first five minutes of BBQ day for the year. At least I got a replacement sausage to make up for it.

The talk was the same as always in the shade of the trees at the side of the stage during Eat It and Dirty Deeds. I knew a few of the people who were playing this year, but as always there are always some surprises.

I took a gamble on the weather not being too hot and lost, towards the end of JVG's show it got a bit too hot even to take photos, still not as hot as Nymagee, but pretty hot for a while there.

Dan Warner's first song was great as was the slightly new line up for the Melbourne BBQ Orchestra with Chris Altmann on guitar and Nathan Farrelly on bass with regulars Dave Evans on accordion, Matt Earl on drums and as always Ed Bates on slide guitar. Adam Simmons also made a welcome reappearance on saxaphone with a trumpet player who I can't remeber at the moment.

JVG made his first appearance for the day singing with "the girl with BBQ thighs" with Sarah helping out on the vocals.

Barb Waters sang a great song called Sashimi that sounded oddly like "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots", at least no one yelled out for the rissole song this year.

Ian Bland's BBQ poem about the perils of overdoing it with big expensive BBQ's and gourmet recipes was also great.

Quincy McLean was meant to sing Fuck Salad Annie, but ended up changing the title slightly due to the mixed audience. Was a good song.

Oliver Mann was a real surprise on the day. There have been a few opera singers in the past, but it was a really funny song to go along with it and even Ed Bates sang backing vocals for it.

Jesse Lawrence with Chris Wilson on the harmonica did an excellent blues songs "It's ready" with JVG giving a commentary for the little kids up the front about the blues.

Fred Negro busted out the tried and true BBQ medley that he does even when it is not BBQ day. He also appeared on the stage from time to time to play horsey and sing backing vocals.

Lynelle Moran sang a lovely sweet song and Sean Dooley stayed around for an hour just to do some bird noises for it.

After last year's triumph of "Onion Ring", the Wolfgramm Sisters did two songs "Satay Me" and "Fry Me a Liver" which went down a treat. It was great to see them again also and I hope the bubs are going well.

Once again JVG had to have another go at "The Funky Sausage" to try and get a definitive version out there. It was good enough I thought and he even had the kids doing the funky sausage dance at one point.

It's been a while since I saw Jane Clifton and her song was also great.

As JVG said, Mark Ferrie doesn't get to sing out the front that often, so seeing him sing "Delicious" based on a Lou Reed standard which for the life of me I can't remember.

Charles Jenkins had the same hat on from BBQ days previously if I remember. After competing with the cicadas on the steamy Friday evening he was once again out amongst the wildlife.

Sime Nugent also did an excellent version of a song by the Ramones in "I want it marinated"

I didn't know what was happening when they asked for the front of the stage to be cleared and Sarah Carroll came on in a kimono, but it was for "Tofu Fighting" and a local karate school did a demonstration, which wasn't too good for the listeners, but there has to be something special for the people who make an effort to come.

King of BBQ Day Dr Pump busted out I think I'm going out of my head, I wanna be adored and Greasy and could have gone on to do some more I reckon.

Finishing up the day was Dan Warner with "Who's gonna make the marinade?".

Unlike previous years there wasn't really a big push to do an encore as it was so hot I just wanted to get into the shade and have a drink of water. It was a great day as always and by my count it will be the 10th BBQ day next year, yes I am counting 2002 even though it was "National BBQ Day".


Dan Warner

Band: James Stewart, Cal McAlpine, Nathan Farrelly, Ed Bates
with special guests Lize Wolfgramm & Fred Negro
Lomond Hotel, Sunday 5th December 2010

As it had been so hot during the day I expected more people to come to the pub for a drink but as it turned out only the people who would have normally come anyway made it and it was a great show.

They did do the whole "challenge" thing with Ian Bland holding up bits of paper with the theme on it, but it was abandoned as a ruse after the first half and they just played the songs they were going to play anyway.

There were a couple of special guests, but not as many as last year and mostly I just enjoyed the music. It had been a long day and I knew it was just about over when Bernie kept wanting to sit down in my lap on top of my camera when he was dancing. Cheers to Heather who I shared a table with and I hope everyone had a nice shower and a lie down at the end of the day.

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