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Mick Thomas & The Sure Thing

with JVG Guitar Method, The Wilson Pickers
Corner Hotel, Saturday 18th December 2010

Due to not having much money last year I had missed seeing Mick Thomas' Christmas show although I did make it to see Dan and Al the night afterwards, I can remember that I had to make a decision that I could see one of the other but not both at that time. It had already been a big day for me with Grand Ole Twang and the Nymphs last show of their residency and I made it an even bigger one by stopping in at the Tiki bar lounge for some pre-drinks.

JVG Guitar Method played the side stage for two sets and JVG liked that there weren't as many people at the start as he could walk around more and tried to jump off the stage onto me at one point like he usually does at least once per show. The highlight of their two sets was them getting to perform the Punt Rd trilogy within sight of Punt Rd for the first time (the Leisuremasters doing Punt Rd Traffic at the Pint doesn't count obviously.)

It was great to see the Wilson Pickers again as I hadn't seen them for a while and they have a lot of new songs and a new album out. I didn't think too many people were talking during their songs like they complained at one point.

I was wondering what songs Mick would play this year and was surprised to hear a big block of Weddings, Parties, Anything songs and not in the "second encore" like he said they would be. I enjoy hearing the Sure Thing songs as much as the Weddings songs and it was great to hear them both. The last song for the night was For a Short Time and it was fitting to finish on and I will try and buy some more of Mick's CDs in the future.


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