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Mrs Wainright at the Greyhound Hotel

Sunday, 2nd April, 2006

The last time I saw Mrs Wainright was over a year ago at their EP launch, phew, that went fast!

Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me that night (a rare occurrence), so I was determined
to bring it this time, even if I didn't take that many photos. I haven't been taking it with me
as much this year as it is a lot bigger than my old camera.

On to the show and it was great to see Mrs Wainright again after I had missed several shows recently
that I would have liked to go to. Hopefully next time I will be able to persuade my friend to come too.

I thought the show went down well, even though there were a lot more people in the bar than usual
after the Grand Prix. Big Mick and Fred Negro told me that they enjoyed the show as well.

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