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Mrs Wainright at the Rosstown Hotel

Saturday, 30th September 2006

I hadn't seen Mrs Wainright since April, so I was looking forward to seeing them a bit away from the city on Grand Final night as I went to the city last year on that night and it wasn't a good scene.

Since I saw them last they have picked up a new drummer by the name of Dave who played very well on the night. He also joins in on the harmonies which ads a lot to the songs. The stomp box was a nice addition also.

I thought there would have been more people in having a drink on the night, but it was nice to just go to a smaller gig for once like Shonkytonk the other week at the Pint on Punt.

Thanks to Michael & Trish for giving a lift home and hopefully I will get over to the Prince Albert in Williamstown one day for a Sunday gig.

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