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New Year's Eve 2006

Strawberries, Firebird, The Lazy Sons
Pint on Punt

I had promised Phiney from the Strawberries I was going to come to see them play at the Pint on New Year's Eve months ago plus I didn't want to be anywhere else on the night, so for only the second time I had to miss most of the family Christmas do.

It was good to chat to Phiney and co before the gig while we waited for the drummer to turn up (even Fred had a go on the drums), when she eventually arrived the Strawberries played a great set with special guests Fred Negro for Pirhana and Sam as a Spitette.

Firebird were up next and it was very sporting of them to fill in at the last minute and rush from their previous gig of the night. I thought they were great and were much better with the Tex Avery cartoons accompanying them on the big screen (the dogs chasing the cat was the best.) Special mention must go to the double bass solo that managed to shake all the glasses in the bar and rattle the windows. I hope Fred books some more Rockabilly bands in the future as all the floor is wood so the whole pub is set up for dancing.

I hadn't seen the Lazy Sons before and I thought they played very well, even if they did remind me of the Bittersweet Kicks for some reason. At 12am I did several laps of the pub taking photos inside and out to try and capture the moment. I was going to watch the rest of the band, but some clown started throwing firecrackers inside so I listen to the rest from outside. Kiwi Tim also borrowed my camera to take a photo of Corey in bed, but I don't want to print it out as Corey wouldn't do that to me.

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