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Night Market at Queen Victoria Market

Wednesday, 11th January, 2006
with Couscous (African drumming), Sarah Carroll & The Unconscious Brothers

Some friends had gone to the Night Market a few weeks ago and had a lot of fun. I had meaning to go for a look, but just hadn't gotten around to it. Having Sarah's band play at the market was the perfect reason to do so.

All the usual stores where there, with the added bonus of having several licensed bars around the place so you can get drunk and spend up big on hemp teapot cosies. There were just too many food stalls to choose from. I settled on the BBQ stall where I had emu, kangaroo and crocodile.

By the time I had walked to one end of the market, had dinner and came back again the African drummers from the group Couscous were performing. Even though I am not really into that sort of thing they were pretty good as they were much better than the average bongo player.

I did get the chance to say hello to Sarah and he she went on with her new backup band The Unconscious Brothers (including two people named Tim which confused me later.)

The songs that Sarah played with her band were a great mix of her new material, some older songs she used to sing with GIT and some great covers including Richard Thompson's Tear Stained Letter. Special mention must go to the version of 'Burning Love' they played as Sarah mentioned the stabbing that occurred in Western Australia due to the playing of this song.

While the adults in the crowd watched the show, drank and ate their dinner, the little kids got right into and danced up the front, chased each other around and kept coming back with more and more elaborate balloon hats courtesy of Tim Tim (no relation) who was walking around.

At the end of the show Sarah ended up getting mobbed by little kids, so she went and got them some guitar picks as a souvenir which was great. I am looking forward to hearing Sarah's new EP (which includes her new song PIRATE GIRL) and also her new full length album 'YIPEE!' later in the year.


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