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Night Parrots CD Launch

with Dan Warner, the Night Poodles band, Sarah Carroll, Maurice Frawley, MC Ian Bland
Corner Hotel, Friday 24th October 2008

I was planning on coming straight from work/Pint on Punt, to the gig, but I am glad I went home and had a shower and got changed instead as I didn't know it was going to be so hot. I hadn't had the chance to have dinner, so had to settle for a salmonella roll on the back steps of the Corner while talking to Maurice Frawley.

I did have a back-stage pass, but I didn't go into the band room that much as it was too busy. I still got some good photos through the door any way.

Sarah Carroll and Andy Baylor were up first. I thought they went really well, but not as many people as I had hoped had turned up for the gig by then.

Maurice Frawley and the Yard Hands were great and as good as I remember them from the Ian Rilen tribute gig a couple of years ago. They are playing down at the Greyhound soon and should get a lot of people in.

It was a special gig for Dan Warner, so he got most of the people who played with him on the album to do this show. I am used to seeing Dan play by himself or with Dave outside the train station, so it was good to see him play in a full band for a change (yes, also BBQ Day JVG!)

As it turned out, quite a few people turned up for the gig, but for some reason nobody wanted to get too near the front. At the end some people did get up to dance, including myself with Sarah. There was one sing-along when they played the new version of "Bernie" on the album as it is a favourite for many people.

I was going to go straight back to the Pint afterwards for a friend's birthday, but Dan asked me to stay back for some drinks. Luckily I did as I met Lindsey who I used to work with and I ended up getting a ride home, which was nice.


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