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OBC Folk Club

with Suzannah Espie, Chris Altman, Fireside Bellows (Jordie Lane and Tracy McNeil), Liz Stringer, Van Walker
Oakleigh Bowling Club, Friday 4th December 2009

The last gig at the Oakleigh Bowling Club and it seemed appropriate to have some of the people who have enjoyed playing there back.

From when I walked in to see six microphones set up on stage I knew it would be special. Starting off the night were Suzannah Espie and Chris Altman. Suzannah performed some new songs and Chris Altman did some of his songs I hadn't heard before.

Playing together for the second time in three months were Fireside Bellows (Jordie Lane and Tracy McNeil), they were a bit rusty, but I thought they went well and they even had some special guests in the form of Chris Altman and Liz Stringer. The night was being recorded so I hope they don't cut out those parts as that is half the fun of it.

I have seen Van Walker and Liz Stringer a few times this year, but it is always good to see them again. They played a few songs each during their part of the night.

The last part of the night was a big line-up with all the performers from the night on stage at the same time. I really enjoyed this line-up and it reminded me of the Wilson Pickers for some reason. They even got to do a song for the encore, which went great. Unfortunately, it was only a one-time thing for this night, but you never know...

The new venue for the team that ran the music at the Oakleigh Bowling Club will be the Oakleigh RSL just next door. The first gig is Continental Robert and his big soul band for New Year's Eve. I will have to see how I go, but it is sure to be a good night.


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