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Oh The Horror!

Dancehouse, Tuesday 27th October 2009

Babs Steeling - Alice MacNamara
Vincent Priceman - Jay Miller
Frankenstein's Monster - Simon Morrison-Baldwin
Bride of Frankenstein - Maddison Wilson
Wolfman - Rowland Brache
Carrie White - Isabella Valette
Norman Bates - Christopher Schulsser
Count Dracula - Matthew Hickey
Baby Jane Hudson - Gabriella Luiz
Freddy Krueger - Tim Addicoat
Regan MacNeil - Eden Swan
Leatherface - Richie Ramone
Zombie Cheerleader - Pieta Farrell
The Girl in the Gorilla's Paw / Ashleigh - Jess Barlow
The Invisible Man / Jason - David Muscat

Book & Lyrics by Lee Gambin
Music by Anthony Biancofiore, Musical Supervision by Sarah MacKeown & Melanie Schmidt
Choreography by Cara Mitchell
Directed by Geoffrey Masters

(These comments relate to the dress rehearsal that I saw on the Tuesday night.)

I had enjoyed Lee Gambin's previous work with the "Sissies and Sluts" productions and was looking forward to this show. I was also lucky enough to be asked to take promo shots and to the see the special preview show as few weeks before with some of the same songs from the show.

The main story follows Babs and Vincent, two teenage outcasts in town in the South. One Halloween with their TV set broken they start getting strange visitors in the form of monsters who are fleeing an angry mob. They soon find out that they have a lot in common with the monsters and end up hanging out as they and the monsters sing about their various problems in life.

Various schemes are tried to get rid of the angry mob and the monsters even help Babs and Vincent deal with their bullies. In the end it is no good and they all decide it would be best to disappear forever rather than live in a world that hates them. It is a bittersweet ending, but a lot better than what happens to the monsters usually.

It was interesting coming into this show as the only cast member coming over from Sissies and Sluts was Ally Spazzy and Lee himself wasn't in the show as he usually is. I liked that Babs seemed to be a redeveloped version of Annie from "Where You Been Hiding Hettie Rae?", even with the same uniform and working in a diner.

There were lots of great songs in the show, but my favourite was "After the Prom" sung by Carrie (Isabella Valette) who I thought was beautiful even with blood all over her.

It really makes a difference having a live band and I am sure they all worked out during the shows' run over the four days.

During the break in acts I had a chat to Freddy and showed him most of the photos from the first act until my thumb got tired.

I had not expected all the dance moves during the show and it really made a difference having the performers coming right out to the audience. I liked all the jazz hands and usual things you would expect from a typical dance/musical production as they all made the show better.

Even though the show only had a limited run, it did manage to sell out most of the nights and hopefully it gets a longer run at a bigger venue in the future.

Special commemorative mosaics:
I'll get you in your dreams

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