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PBS FM Live Music Week 2008

with Kat Steele, The Audreys, Jeff Lang and Grant Cummerford
Transport Bar, Saturday 13th December 2008

I didn't actually know this gig was on as I had arrived early to see another band that was meant to be playing at Transport, only to find out that PBS FM had moved their live music showcase inside the venue. I wanted to see the other band, but thought I may as well stay as it was too wet and windy to go back home again as I would just have to go out again a few hours later.

Kat Steele from Little Birdy was playing when I arrived. I had heard of her work (there is one song of hers that seems to show up on the soundtrack of lots of short films), but I had forgotten what she looked like obviously as someone in the crowd had to correct me.

I had missed seeing the Audreys at the Queenscliff Music Festival a couple of weeks ago so it was good to see them here. I hadn't heard much of their stuff before and enjoyed the melodica solos.

Even though I had personally apologised to Jeff Lang for missing both his sets at Queenscliff I was still glad to see him play again so soon. I left after his set as I wanted to go get a giant chocolate ├ęclair for someone special and get dinner. Sorry to Matt Joe Gow for missing your set, but I had a meeting in the afternoon so I couldn't make it earlier.

Cheers to Sweet Felicia and I hope everyone bought you lots of drinks after the show. I will definitely come to your next show at somewhere different next time.


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