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Pitstop Nymphos, Suki & The Devil, The Hybernators

Pint on Punt
18th August 2006

I hadn't been to see the Hybernators for quite a while so I was looking forward to this gig as they always put on a good show and the punters seem to have a good time with them.

The Pitstop Nymphos were on first and it was also their first gig. I liked them and hopefully they go on to play lots more shows as they are really loud and sounded very energetic when they were playing.

Suki & The Devil played nicely in their set and had some strange effects on their vocals which makes them a lot different to a lot of other bands. One of the punters said they should have vamped it up, but I think it is good that they feel they don't need to.

During the night I said hello to Liz and her friends and later on had a chat to Britt & Charlie. It was good to meet some new people at this gig and hopefully they come back to see another band.

The Hybernators did the Twits trick of going on last so they can drink a lot while the other bands were playing. It didn't effect them that much as they usually jump around during a lot of their songs and even Richard getting a bear hug front a punter didn't phase him.

It was a great gig and I am looking forward to the Grand Final Eve show with the Hybernators, The Eggs and the Golden Mile.

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