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Strawberries, Rain Dogs & Bittersweet Kicks

Pint on Punt
Friday, 27th October 2006

I was away at a wedding last week so I missed what was going on at the Pint on Punt. This gig was also good as it gave me the chance to catch up with some of the bands I have missed seeing since the last time they played at the Pint.

This was the Strawberries first gig at the Pint after playing with the Twits at the Wednesday Warmup. Although there were lots of jokes about them having to drink water for their rider and being up past their bedtime, I thought they played very well and looked like they were having a good time. I am sure they will go on to play lots of gigs and hopefully come back to the Pint one day.

I missed the gig where Fred married the lead singer of the Rain Dogs and his girlfriend, but I heard it was a great night. The first time I saw them play was their first gig and they have improved heaps already. They have their own roadie now and people in the audience were asking me who the band was while they were playing.

The last time I saw the Bittersweet Kicks at the Pint three ambulances turned up to pick up punters who couldn't hack it. As I have been busy with film festivals, other gigs and people asking me to take photos at their shows, I hadn't seen them for a while which they asked me about at the Rock & Roll wrestling the other week. Fred even got up to introduce them for their set this time.

It was Jack's birthday on the night so he really got into it and I wasn't surprised when he ended up underneath the drum kit at the end of the set after swinging from the rafters and rolling around on the floor during the gig. They are playing around town a few times in the next few weeks so I am sure to see them again.

Rain Dogs
Bittersweet Kicks

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