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Paula Delley's The Modern Pinup Book Launch

with SimonCee MC, The Snowdroppers, Kelly-Ann Doll, Daniel Edgecombe, Vesper White, Kitty Van Horne, Sarah Lea Cheesecake, Lauren LaRouge, Imogen Kelly*, Cougar Jones
Bella Union at Trades Hall, Saturday 15th November 2008

* - I was not allowed to take photos of Imogen Kelly. I respect the performer's decision to be up front about this.

I usually don't do anything big on my birthday as it has been a few years since it has fallen on a weekend and my 30th birthday party was enough for me a couple of years ago. Luckily I had been able to go out to the Viva Festival with some friends earlier in the day and have a few drinks afterwards. I had to rush home and get changed, then have dinner and come back to make it in time.

I hadn't been to Trades Hall since the comedy festival, but I have heard that the Sweet Jelly Roll nights have been doing really well there. Unfortunately I missed the last one for this year as they sounded really fun. I really wanted to see Kelly and Sarah do their last performances in Melbourne before they go over to Singapore.

MC for the night was Simoncee. I thought she was great and hammed it up in between the acts. She did get to do a bit of a dance herself, which was a nice surprise. Unfortunately I missed her show with the Brown Bears recently where she did some singing, maybe next time.

The Snowdroppers were the band for the night and did an excellent job. I wish the stage had been bigger so they could've stayed on stage for the whole night to do some more songs. Their set at the end of the night was the best as they had lots of people dancing and Paula even got up to sing with them.

Kelly-Ann Doll did a dance with partner Daniel Edgecombe to the tune constipation blues. I didn't get to see her dance in the banana skirt, but at least I can say I saw her dance for this routine and do the actions to go along with the sound effects. I took the most photos of the night of Kelly's routines as there was a lot of movement and I had to get it all.

I hadn't seen Vesper White before, but I thought her routine was great. She started off in the crowd and did some good stuff with her veil and swishing her dress.

Kitty Van Horne was stunning and had a sparkly vintage microphone stand. I miss not being able to use my 50mm f1.8 warhorse lens on burlesque acts (manual focus only on my current camera) and having Kitty being behind the microphone meant I could use it just for her. (It was too hard to use with the other acts, I did try and it didn't work.)

The pinup contest was fun and the winner was someone who you wouldn't have expected. I hope her photos turn out nice and she has a fun time.

I did get into the signing room to get a photo from Sarah and Kelly. I missed the part where people started getting body parts signed, but I ended up taking photos of people in the crowd afterwards who wanted to show it off. I would have gotten any signatures tattooed if it was me.

Sarah Lea Cheesecake's new peacock routine was a great and there was even a cowboy in the front row to whoop it up in appreciation.

Lauren LaRouge was also great, she did remind me of AmyG a bit, but I liked Lauren's songs more (she didn't get to do that many this time.) I got to tell Lauren about a song about ukuleles someone else I knew wrote and she thought it was funny. Lauren is better than AmyG as you don't have to go to New York to see her.

I wanted to get back to my local to see my friends before it got too late, so I only stayed for a few songs of the Snowdroppers at the end. I did get to see Kelly dancing with Cougar Jones and Kelly being dropped on the floor, oh no! A quick hug for Kelly and I did get see everyone at the Pint before it closed and got kissed by a drunken Dave Moll.

Vesper White

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