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Peter Lillie & The Leisuremasters

with special guest Fred Negro
Pint on Punt
Thursday, 2nd November 2006

I always say that I keep meaning to see a band except I never get around to it, but in this case it is true as I had to leave just as they were setting up after Gary Adam's White Trash to go to the Rock'n'Roll Wrestling and the Twits last gig for the year.

Fred plays a lot of Peter Lillie's songs in his band Shonkytonk, so it was good to hear them from the original writer for a change as they sounded a lot different. Of particular note were the two songs about Ern Malley and "Punt Rd Traffic" as you could go outside and watch the cars go past during the song.

I thought they played very well apart from a couple of people in the audience who just thought they should talk louder when the band was playing. There were a few more people in the second set and Fred arrived back from the GPB and did a couple of songs as guest vocalist.

It was only the first Thursday country night, but I will try to get to more of them as they should be some good nights coming up with the Maryhillbillies, Frank Lee Earnest and the Empty Glasses and Slim Whittle.

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