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Photo History 2003 - 2008

taken with a Canon A80, Nikon D50, L15, D40

Having recently only worked out how many photos I have taken from 2003 to 2008 (144,866), I thought it would be fun to track down the exact photos of each milestone and see if they would be anything memorable. As it turns out they were not, as many of the milestones came just after I had shot at a gig where I took thousands of other photos and it was just a smaller gig. There are really only two that were taken at a major event, the rest are at normal gigs that I went to, which says a lot about how many gigs I have been to.

All these photos are as they originally came out of the camera, except for rotating to make them easier to look at. I have tried to match these as close as possible to the exact shots that make the numbers. One or two shots might seem a bit too lollypop, but in the circumstances I couldn't have chosen anything else.

Photo #1: A sign near Parliament Station, Melbourne 31st August 2003
I had borrowed a camera from someone at work and was on my way to see GIT in their residency. This would have been a normal gig, except I took two pairs of Hulk Hands, causing much amusement later on.

Photo #10,000: James Hewison & Paul Harris at MIFF 2005 23/07/2005
I believe this was the first time I had taken photos at MIFF for an event. Also during this month I took photos at the precursor to the popular "Circus Pie Classic" event with the Town Bikes having their own "Cook Off" at the Tote.

Photo #20,000: Ficifolia Festival Street Parade 12/02/2006
Home just in time to see the Ficifolia Festival street parade. The car pictured was pinged later by the cops for doing burnouts while in the parade.

Photo #30,000: Crackwhore getting ready at the Pint 8/07/2006
I take a heap of photos when the band is not playing and screwing around so it is not surprising this turned out this way.

Photo #40,000: Bigsy at the Ian Rilen Tribute Night 7/10/2006
Tony Biggs telling everyone to fire up at the 2nd Ian Rilen Tribute Night at the Prince Bandroom.

Photo #50,000: Crowd at the Pint NYE 31/12/2006
Earlier in the night before the first band started.

Photo #60,000: Karaoke Oscars 2007 prize board 12/03/2007
Another shot at the Karaoke Oscars before anything had started.

Photo #70,000: Lola the Vamp at Burlesque Idol 19/04/2007
It was fun to shoot this show as I was not used to shooting with a proper lighting setup on stage. I don't get to shoot at Trades Hall that much, but it is always a good show.

Photo #80,000: Pony crowd 11/06/2007
Having the new flash really made a difference at this venue which is very dark. It turned it from one of the hardest venues to take photos at, to one of the best due to the ceiling being so low and the flash bounces perfectly.

Photo #90,000: The Maryhillbillies at the Greyhound 16/09/2007
I do not know why I went to this gig, it was OK I guess.

Photo #100,000: You're the birthday! You're the birthday! You're the birthday boy or girl! I took a photo of a photo so it counts in the total! Thanks to Belladonna for being so accomodating. Only a handful of people actually posed for a "nice" photo with her she said.

Photo #110,000: The Diamond Dolls at Dr Sketchy 19/12/2007
Yes, I fudged it a little bit, was still a good session though as I normally don't take a camera to Dr Sketchy's due to it being too hard to draw and take photos at the same time.

Photo #125,000: Pint games night 28/04/2008
For about three or four weeks I took photos at the Pint every night. I wasn't working at the time.

Photo #140,000: Miss Fifi L'amour at Kinky 2/08/2008
The biggest burlesque event I have attended since the Absinth Club show in 2007. There were seven peformers that I saw for the first time there.

That's all for now, I will do this again when I get to photo 200,000 as I will probably only do it by 100k now until I get to 500,000. See you in a few years.

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