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The 4 Plumes, 57 Pages of Pink, 64 Falcon

Pint on Punt, Saturday 7th July 2008

I was looking forward to the night as I saw 57 Pages of Pink the other week, except they didn't have their drummer so it wasn't the full experience. I even bought a flanno so I could get a photo with Johnny Kicks, only to have him turn up not wearing the flanno that he always wears (it was in the wash.)

The 4 Plumes were up first, there were only three of them and one was a bloke in a dress (I've seen Fred do worse things on the stage.) I thought they went well and there was even someone from a radio show in to see them.

57 Pages of Pink had a great set and posed for their group photo of "bending the knee" afterwards. Hopefully they will get to play in more venues around town at least where the members from the Bittersweet Kicks are not banned from.

64 Falcon didn't start until a bit later and I only ended up staying for a few songs, but I thought they went well and I am sure everyone else had a good time.

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