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Cloud City, I'm Ovary, The Golden Mile, Hybernators

Pint on Punt
Friday, 11th May 2007

I hadn't been going to the Pint to take photos as much recently as I have been working, but with the Eggs and some other good bands coming up I will be going there more often over the next few weeks.

I was very late to the gig, but luckily it hadn't started yet as there was a problem with the mike leads. Cloud City eventually started and got a good reaction from the early crowd. They are friends with Antman from the Hybernators so they knew about my site already.

After the Strawberries broke up I didn't think Phiney would play in another band again, so it was good to see her playing with I'm Ovary and hopefully she gets another PUB strip out of it. Some of the crowd thought it was a bit too loud, but they were the most punk on the night. Some great songs too like "Do a shit!" which is fun to sing along with.

The Golden Miles had wanted me to come to their gigs for a while, but there was always something else on. Chris Twit is not playing drums anymore, but the new drummer is great and they have kicked on since I last saw them.

The Hybernators are getting quite a good following now and have a lot of sexy woman fans for some reason. I am looking forward to their new live CD as they go off live and their launch gig will be a big one. There was someone recording at this gig so I made sure to cheer loudly after each song to add to the atmosphere.

After Corey commenting on the flash being too bright, I also had a go of testing about the cigarette packet flash diffuser that I heard about and it worked reasonably well. Will look at getting a proper bounce flash later though.

I should have hung around afterwards as I didn't end up going to bed until late, next time for sure. Next week sees the Eggs and the week after that is a big one with the Bittersweet Kicks, The Gingers and Yidcore.


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