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The Band Who Knew Too Much

Pint on Punt, 14th June 2009

I had been across town taking photos at a poetry contest as I do once per month for Poetry Idol and was just expecting to come back to the Pint, have dinner and watch one set of the Large Number 12s before going home. As it turned out Wes was crook so the Band Who Knew Too Much filled in and I ended up staying for both sets.

Although there was only a small crowd and a noise bunch of Irish backpackers watching the rugby up the back, I thought it went well, especially when the big Texan turned up with his friends and he started spinning girls around in the air when he was dancing with them.

I won't be able to make it to the Band Who Knew Too Much's going away show so it was good to see them one last time before they head off to Europe for a couple of months and I will see them later in the year.


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