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The Twits, Bittersweet Kicks

Pint on Punt, Saturday 14th July 2007

There was meant to be a birthday party at the Pint for this gig, but unfortunately the guest of honour couldn't make it so the celebration was switched to a AJ's going away party and a normal gig instead.

The Twits were on first which was a nice change and they ended up playing heaps of songs they haven't played for yonks including Sausage, which always gets requested and never played. There was also one new song in the set 'Since I saw your mother nude' which should do good for them.

The Bittersweet Kicks were on next and were great and have loads of new fans now. Even Albert and Michael stayed to watch their set and Melbourne Mick went on a pub crawl with them later.

As there were only two bands it had all finished by 12am so I took the opportunity of staying for a drink which I don't often do which was great and I got to talk to a few people. I have the film festival coming up in a couple of weeks, but hopefully I get to see both bands again before the end of the year.


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