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Miliki, Dimi Shafro, Trough Lollies, Problem

Pint on Punt, 21st December 2007

Even with the week before Christmas being very busy for me I still wanted to go see this gig as I missed seeing Problem perform with the Twits earlier in the year and I wanted to see them live. I had already given my apologies to Tim Rogers for missing his solo show and Mick Thomas' Christmas show will have to wait for another year.

The opening acoustic acts were OK, but not really suited to the night as they were a last minute fill-in and took too much time setting up.

I hadn't seen the Trough Lollies before, but I thought they played very well and the audience that was there had a good time along with the old bloke who danced up a storm.

Problem were great and caused as much chaos as the Twits usually do, which was OK as they had the front of the bar to themselves. They deliberately overdid the smoke machine for effect and ran around the bar with one of the guitarists having a radio-amp on his guitar. The drummer was great and reminded me of Chris from the Twits.

Hopefully both bands will return in the future for a quadruple bill with the Hybernators and the Twits which would be a really great night.


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