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Pint on Punt country night

Saturday, 28th May, 2005
with Ken Russell, Shonkytonk & The Maryhillbillys

I had arranged to come see this gig a few weeks ago, so I wanted to see how it turned out as Les plays in the Twits and they used a photo of him on the poster for his Dad, Ken.

As I am not watching the TV news for at least a week, I decided to walk down early, even though it was cold (I had chilli & cheese toasted sandwiches beforehand so I was hot enough.) Being a glutton for punishment, I also stopped in at the Astor theatre for a choc-top and ate it in the rain on my way to the pub.

As it turned out, Ken Russell played old style country, which was enjoyed by the audience of the Twits and many other people including a lot of regulars from the Greyhound. I liked his Johnny Cash songs and I think also he may have played a Hank Williams tune or two.

I have seen Shonkytonk play many times over the past few years so I can't really say much about their set that I haven't said before. Fred was given a new horsy, but he still played with the older one.

It has been a while since I have seen The Maryhillbillys play so it was good to see how they have progressed. They are a five piece string and harmonica band with Scott the Scott on lead vocals and guitar with Steve Prictor on backing vocals and harmonica. The other members of the band also sing in some songs. I already have their EP and am looking forward to when they get enough songs to release a full length album.

I thought it was a great night and was much different to last night at least. I always enjoy seeing bands more if I have someone to talk to during the night.

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