Poland 1981

Tim Chmielewski
Palace of Culture 1 Palace of Culture 2 Palace of Culture 3 War Memorial poland005 Old Town Fortifications
Square Former Ruined Square poland009 poland010 poland011 poland014
poland015 poland016 poland017 poland018 poland019 War Memorial
poland021 poland022 poland023 poland024 poland025 poland026
Chaning of the Guard poland028 poland029 poland030 poland031 poland032

My Nana and Pop went back to Poland in 1981 to visit relatives after arriving in Australia in 1952 as refugees after the Second World War.

Thanks to Andrew Pearson from the newsgroup alt.religion.kibology I now have descriptions for some of the photos.

Andrew Pearson:
Re: the comment in your website about liking to know where the Polish pictures were taken - your folks seem to have spent some time in and around Warsaw, reasonably enough. If you fly to Warsaw (look out for tired arms somewhere over the Atlantic though) and wander around Warsaw for a while, you will see some of these places.