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Pop Goes The Curfew

with MC Anyone for Tennis?, Tim Rogers, Megan Washington, Ponyface, Hugh (Skybombers), Heath & Alex (Dirt River Radio), Jeff May, Gun Street Girls, Georgia Fields, Ryan Coffey, Charles Jenkins, The Men
Prince Bandroom, Sunday 16th January 2011

I had been looking forward to this gig since early December as I have been busy and hadn't had the chance to get down to the Pure Pop courtyard as much as I would like in 2010. Much amusement was had waiting out the front with Charles Jenkins with the whoever did the blackboard having to rub out "SWEEDEN" underneath The Men and deciding the $3 BBQ was more important to show than Jeff May.

It's been a while since I saw Anyone for Tennis? performing MC duties, I thought they went well and I enjoyed the songs they got to perform.

I had been meaning to go see Tim Rogers more often, but am usually busy. I do still send him my regards though. It was good to see him on early in the night as a special treat for the people who managed to make it early. Special guest for the last song was Megan Washington, who was lovely.

Ponyface also went well and I hadn't expected them to be so loud, I will try to go see them again some time.

Playing one song each on the side stages was Hugh from the Skybombers, Heath and Alex from the Skybombers and Jeff May.

It was good to get to talk to Dave Larkin before the show as I had said hello during the Good, the Bad and the Ugly at the Astor a couple of weeks back but didn't get to talk that much. I would rather go to see Once Upon a Time in the Old West at the Astor than the St Kilda Festival day. It had also been a while since I saw the Gun Street Girls play and I thought they were great.

Back to each of the side stages and Georgia Fields and Ryan Coffey played one song each with Charles Jenkins getting to play a few more including "Save Save".

The Men turned out to be great and I even ended up going to see them when they played an extra set down at Pure Pop the Tuesday after the show. I thought I had heard them somewhere before, but it must have been in the Pure Pop courtyard and I hadn't realised before.

It was a great night and hopefully can become an annual event or at least on the significant birthdays of Pure Pop.


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