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Little Freddie and the Pops

with the Knockouts, Hybernators
The Espy, Saturday 19th June 2010

The Spazzys had invited me to their gig at the Tote on the same night the week before, but as I was going to be busy the next week I didn't want to have to go across town.

It was a bit quieter than usual due to the Socceroos playing the world cup, but I thought everyone went well. The Knockouts played first and it was good to see them again after I last saw them at the Tote last year.

The Hybernators played next and had a couple of ring-ins, but I thought they played well.

After the big gig vs. Smoke Machine I thought more people would have turned up to see the Pops, it was still good to see them and I even went and got a pizza from the kitchen just up the stairs right before they started, was good. I didn't stay for the DJ set, but I am sure everyone had a good time. Am looking forward to seeing the Pops at the Community Cup now.


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