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Eli Paperboy Reed

Pure Pop Records, Thursday 1st January 2009

Dave invited me to this gig when I was down the week before Christmas to see Sarah so I had to go.

I hadn't heard of Eli Paperboy Reed before, but I did hear him being interviewed on "Off the Record" the Saturday before and they played some of his songs.

I came down early so I could get a good spot, but I didn't buy a CD (can't do it every time Dave!) as I spent too much money the previous night. How long is the photo of the Nazi Pope above the door to the outside dunny going to last before someone draws a Hitler 'tache on it or attempts to throw it over the back fence?

Eli Paperboy Reed played a good set and it was packed out for a change. Scott the Scott almost got evicted for giving Eli lip and Steve Prictor got payed out on for making such a bad request for a song.

Hopefully lots of people went to Eli's show with his full band later that night at the Prince. Waz E James was playing up at Claypots after the set, but I had seen enough for the day (Keith even offered to give me a lift back to this gig afterwards.) Considering there were still pissed people wandering the streets late into the afternoon (Yes, you Pommy Kev!) I think I made the right decision.


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