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Kim Volkman, Van Walker

Pure Pop Records, Sunday 15th February 2009

After Suzannah's CD launch on Friday night, I decided to have a quiet night for once and didn't go out on Saturday. As I wasn't able to get in last week, I wanted to go down to Pure Pop to see Kim Volkman and Van Walker play as I am usually off doing something else on a Sunday and never get to go down.

From Hell was playing their last few songs when I arrived, but I was happy just to watch them this time. I am sure I will get to see them again in the future.

Cheers to Steve Lucas who was kicking back inside, Waz E James and Dave Moll who turned up later.

There always seems to be another gig on when Kim Volkman asks me to come down to see him, so I haven't been to one of his gigs for quite a while. It was great to see some of his solo stuff and Crystal Thomas singing on some songs was lovely too.

I had seen Van Walker on Friday night doing the support at Suzannah's CD launch, but it is always good to see someone twice in a weekend plus I got to give him a CD of the photos I took of him playing on Friday. The audience wanted to know what happened to the popular Sportsgirl t-shirt he was wearing the week before for the St Kilda Festival show (it was in the wash) and I was surprised all the rock dogs stayed for his set after seeing Kim and I am sure they will play south of the river a lot more in the future.


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