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Tash Parker & Wally, Mini Bikes, Gersey, The Mercurials

Pure Pop Records, Sunday 21st February 2010

I woke up dehydrated and with a bad headache, but I thought if I had a Mersyndol and drank some water it would go away. It did a bit, but my tooth has been giving me grief all weekend also. I still didn't want to miss seeing the Mini Bikes though.

Tash Parker and Wally were up first and thought they went very well, I will look forward to seeing them around the place.

The Mini Bikes were really good and thanks to Marcel for giving me their new EP. I heard one of their songs being used as the music for a sponsorship announcement on RRR already so it is getting out there.

There was also a mystery band for the day, which turned out to be Gersey who hadn't played for a few years. It was funny to see the full size drum kit on the Pure Pop stage and have the bands try and squeeze in around it. I also talked to Dave about the Rebelles and agreed they wouldn't fit in either as there are 19 people in the band and they have 15 microphones for the lead singers. I thought Gersey sounded great, but unfortunately my headache came back during their set as it was very loud.

I had wanted to stay for all of the Mercurials set, but had to leave half way through as I wanted to go home for a lie down. Thanks to Mark Ferrie for giving me the JVG Guitar Method CD with my photos on the cover.


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