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Queenscliff Music Festival 2005

Friday, 25th November, 2005
I saw the following performers on Friday night: Sarah Blasko, That 1 Guy, Sophie Koh, Dave Graney & Clare Moore, Mia Dyson, Tony Joe White

I had taken the Friday off work especially so I could come down one day early, so I was looking forward to seeing the first night's acts and after an uneventful trip to Geelong on the train, my Aunty Aileen picked me up from the station (thanks) and then getting some lunch (thanks) and I was also able to stay at my Aunty's house on the weekend which was great.

I got down there a bit early, but Dig radio was doing a live to air at the Vue Grand Hotel so I got to see Ash Grunwald and Mia Dyson play and Tony Joe White being interviewed. The friends function after the festival opened was good, but I wanted to see Sarah Blasko play so I ended up leaving before the band started. Thanks to the volunteer who bought me a drink though.

As I hadn't seen Sarah Blasko perform live before, I was interested to see how she would go and I wasn't disappointed. There were also many younger fans who came on Friday just to see her and a few other performers if the crowd at the Concert Stage was anything to go by.

The Pelican Bar was a bit apart from the other stages, being next to the train line and it was a fully licensed venue. I wasn't planning on seeing That 1 Guy, but I heard some strange noises coming out of the tent and I thought I would check it out. If there was any performer who could win a crowd over in the space of one song it would be him. My favourite song in the set was "Weasel Pot Pie" and it was also liked by some of the kids in the audience when I saw him perform again on Saturday.

The weather was start to turn dirty with lots of lightning flashes when I went to see Sophie Koh. She played very well, but as I wanted to go see Dave Graney & Clare Moore I had to run out in the rain to the Pelican Bar, which then almost blew over in the wind (at least it seemed like it was going to.) I hadn't seen Dave Graney & Clare Moore play live for years so it was good to see him again playing the songs off their new double album.

The rain had cleared for a while when I saw Mia Dyson. I couldn't get up the front but she still sounded great. After her show I tried to get back into the Prime Mover venue to see Warako Musica, but there were too many people so I ended up in the CD signing tent and bought That 1 Guy's CD and Dave Graney & Clare Moore's so I could talk to them.

I hadn't noticed it earlier, but after going back to the concert stage I saw people on a platform near one of the train carriages and ended up going in one to sit down (I made good use of it in the next couple of days.) It started raining again when Tony Joe White began his set, but there was enough room in the tent for everyone. I left after he finished 'Polk Salad Annie" so I could catch the late bus back to Geelong, but I think he did an encore also. Bomba sounded really great on my way out of the venue also (I didn't get to see them though.)

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