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Queenscliff Music Festival 2005

Sunday, 27th November 2005
I saw the following performers on Sunday: Melbourne Singers of Gospel, The Junes, Wagons, Joe Dolce, Not Drowning Waving, Mia Dyson,Jeff Lang

Blaurrgh! That's exactly how I felt on Sunday as the previous two days caught up with me. Thanks to Aunty Aileen driving me down (the bus arrived too early) I was able to go to see the Junes play again (I will not get the chance to see them for a while so it was great.)

I was going to see Carus and The True Believers, but after hearing the Melbourne Singers of Gospel warming up I thought it was best to start off with something gentle and then go to see the Junes. The choir is based in South Melbourne and had over 70 people in the venue singing. I also liked some of the songs that members of the choir had wrote.

I know I could have gone to see other bands, but I like going to see a band twice in two days and I took that opportunity with the Junes who played a Gospel themed set. On the way back I went to the Queenscliffe Market where the highlight was some Sea Scouts selling Devonshire teas by the time-honoured tradition of yelling "ONLY NINE SCONES LEFT!" Then they went back to the tea-room and ate a scone each - "ONLY SIX SCONES LEFT!" I bought a drink from their stall and some more raffle tickets and a smile sticker. Also on the way back I decided to buy a festival t-shirt (only to find them selling for $15 on the way out that night - I bought another one for a friend.) I did get to see Wagons again, but they played the same songs as yesterday and they seemed to enjoy all the attention they were getting.

As I have heard his most famous song hundreds of times, I wanted to go see Joe Dolce. I knew he was actually a folk singer and I did get to hear "Shaddup Ya Face" in an Aboriginal language version which was a good way to do it actually. After that I stayed for a few songs and then slipped out to see Not Drowning Waving. They are sound scape style band who have been performing together since 1983. I liked their set and also their visual accompaniment including one with a Jack Russel Terrier walking around the street.

I did get to see Mia Dyson again, but she was very popular so I couldn't get near the front yet again. I made use of this by getting in a good position to see Jeff Lang for the final performance for the festival. The Pelican Bar was packed out with lots more people sitting on the floor. I thought it was funny when Jeff Lang mentioned the "obligatory unwelcome harmonica player" and the bloke cracked it and stormed out (he must get it all the time.)

Jeff Lang was definitely the best choice for an act to end the festival as he was originally from Geelong and a crowd favourite. There was an after party for the festival, but I just got the last bus back to Geelong via Point Lonsdale, the back-streets of Barwon Heads, Ocean Grove and Outer Mongolia.

Once I got back to where I was staying I had dinner, watched Kath & Kim and just crashed. Hopefully next year will be just as good and I can get someone to come with me.

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