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Queenscliff Music Festival 2006

Saturday, 25th November, 2005
I saw the following performers on Saturday:
Jimi Hocking, Little Green Houses, Rose Bygrave, Charcoal Club, Royal Chord, Detonators, Shannon Bourne, Bay of Pigs, Don Walker, Barb Waters & Cyndi Boste, Collard Greens & Gravy, The Models, Neapolitan Croxton Showcase (Sarah Carroll, Dan Warner & Marcel Borrack), Betty Harris, Weddings Parties Anything, Ska Vendors, Sophie Brous Ensemble


I was more than bit excited about my friend Ilana coming down to the festival and decided to celebrate by going to the Queenscliff Primary School to get an egg & bacon roll and watch Jimi Hocking. While I was there Jimi informed everyone on the plight of the school's chicken and the fundraiser to buy a new fox-resistant cage. As I had already entered two raffles on the way to there I did my part for the chickens. Jimi Hocking was good too and everyone seemed to enjoy the gig.

As I had the chance to stick my head in the foot-in-the-door stage yesterday, I decided to see who was playing and was surprised to see Little Green Houses. I don't know if they won the acoustic competition but I thought they were good.

After this I wandered into Rose Bygrave's set and enjoyed it muchly. She also likes to tell stories with her songs about exotic places which was nice.

I recognised some of the members of the Charcoal Club straight away from the Community Cup, but I didn't expect them to wave at me while they were playing. The lead singer chuckled when he finally got his hands on Andy Baylor's electric guitar and was punished by a technical issues. There was a reasonable crowd around that time of the day and they enjoyed themselves.

I admit that for some bands I only managed to stay for a couple of songs, but I still enjoyed them. Royal Chord were great and they even have a mini-trumpet player now which was good to see. I haven't seen them in years so it was great to see them again.

As it is popular I decided to line up for the blues train early and have lunch in line from the stall. It much better organised this year so hopefully the volunteers didn't need to yell so much. While waiting on the platform I said hello to Shannon Bourne and promised to see him on the ride back. Also great was the race between the Detonators and the Blues Train as it arrived in the station. Ilana was one of the roadies...

I was torn between sitting with Ilana on the train and going up the front to take photos, but Ilana wanted photos of the band so that made up my mind. Some people attempted to dance to the Detonators, but that was pretty hazardous and I was worried about falling out the window myself so I just sat on the floor.

At the siding unfortunately I had to leave as I had already promised to go see Shannon Bourne and I think I sat in almost the exact same spot as last year to see him perform. I will buy a CD of his later as a friend wants to listen to it.

The train arrived back late so I just had enough time to lean in the window to say goodbye to Ilana (she stayed on the train with the band) and rushed over to see the Bay of Pigs who had already started. Pumpy and Kev were really great and I am looking forward to their gig with Suzannah Espie and the Large No.12's on the weekend.

I did wander in to Don Walker, but there were too many people in the concert stage area already so I just ended up going over to see Barb Waters instead. I had missed Cyndi Boste, so it was great to see her playing with Barb. (I am going to see Cyndi in a couple of weeks time in Drouin.) I don't know why I don't have one of Barb Waters' CDs as yet as GIT is on one of the tracks (will have to put it on the list.)

After Barb Waters' set I hung around waiting for Collard Greens & Gravy, stayed for their first song, over to the Models and back again. Al from P-TEX and his friends were also around the place during the weekend so I ended up talking to them a lot of the time.

For my dinner I ended up going to the Neapolitan Croxton Showcase (Sarah Carroll, Dan Warner & Marcel Borrack) and had Portarlington Mussels which were great. Thanks to Big Kev for letting me sit on his table and have my dinner. It was great to see the Neapolitan Croxton Showcase on a big stage as I am used to seeing it in smaller venues. Ilana and the Detonators arrived during the set, so I wasn't running away, I just wanted to go over and see Ilana.

Betty Harris was a very popular act so I decided not to stay up the front for the whole set, I still enjoyed her singing though and it was great to see all the Melbourne musos in her backing band. I ended up wandering over to see the end of Bill Chamber's set and say hello to the Detonators loading in. I did say I was going to try and get back for their set, but I ended up right at the front for Weddings Parties Anything and couldn't get out.

"As rowdy as a bus load of drunken teenagers" is how I described Weddings Parties Anything show to JVG over the phone the next day. I can make a direct comparison unfortunately (see below.) I got to meet some real Weddos fans and even took their photo so they could have a souvenir of the night.

The show was being filmed, but one of the cameramen needs a foot up his arse as he just filmed the same woman in the front row for most of the show (she was really, really good looking though.) The young kids couldn't hack it in the rambunctious crowd at the front, but somehow the Swaggie forced his way through to right next to me.

After a while I just wanted to enjoy the set so I stopped taking photos, which is just as my camera had been damaged already. Just a little scratch on the LCD, but I will be able to remember it with pride like the time it had beer spilt on the lens Cosmic Psychos show at the Espy (which unfortunately was their LAST show!)

I had been planning to stay to see the Dili Allstars after the bus driver from last night recommended them, but I was rooted. I did go and see some of the Ska Vendors, but I couldn't really get into it.

Going out the gates of the compound to see the streets awash with teenagers and police horses trotting nervously was a portent of doom, I did start to sing "Schoolies Week" to myself but I didn't know what was going to happen later.

I thought the next bus was at 12am so I went to see the Sophie Brous Ensemble at the Vue Grand Hotel. It was a really good room and I thought their performance was interesting also. After finding out the bus had already left, I went back into the hotel to wait and managed to say hello to Ms Brous, who was a bit quizzical that I would go see her perform after going to see Weddings Parties Anything, she doesn't know me very well. Also I said hello to the other famous Sophie and her friend and left them to it.

I will try to recount what happened on the bus on the way to Geelong. Firstly it was overloaded with people going to Point Lonsdale, secondly many of the teenagers were pissed as maggots and were continuing to drink on the bus and verbally abuse some of the passengers. Some people got off a few stops early because of this.

The trouble started when another passenger took a can of beer of some kid and instead of throwing it out the window, drank it instead just to shut them up. They just kept at the other passenger until he went over to tell them to shut up and that's when the fight broke out.

It was in the middle of nowhere and bus driver just put the hazard lights on and slowed down a bit, by the time the bus reached Portarlington I thought it best to immediately depart as it looked like starting up again. Talking to the bus driver the next day he said that no one ended up staying on the bus as they all bailed before Geelong. I am still angry about it now as that was the worst way to end such a big day and they can either have the Queenscliff Music Festival or they can have drunken schoolies invading the place as I won't be coming back.

I did not get any photos of the fight on the bus (people have already asked me this), I wasn't thinking of anything except getting off the bus as as soon as possible.

Jimi Hocking
Little Green Houses
Rose Bygrave
Charcoal Club
Royal Chord
The Detonators
Shannon Bourne
Don Walker
Bay of Pigs
Barb Waters
Cyndi Boste
Collard Greens & Gravy
Sarah Carroll
Dan Warner
Marcel Borrack
Weddings Parties Anything
The Ska Vendors
Sophie Brous Ensemble

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