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Queenscliff Music Festival 2006

Sunday, 26th November, 2005
I saw the following performers on Sunday:
Tides of Welcome Community Choir, Kerri Simpson, Andy Baylor, TnT, Suzannah Espie & The Last Word, The Exotics

Having not gotten to bed until late the previous night, I was glad for Aunty Aileen's offer to drive me down to Queenscliff as I would have had to get up to early and catch the bus. Foxy enjoyed the ride in the car also.

In perfect timing, I arrived at Stoked on Hesse just as the Tides of Welcome Community Choir were starting. Sarah sat on my knee after I took a photo of her which was funny. I hadn't seen the choir perform since Sarah's CD launch so I enjoyed hearing some of the new songs they had added to their set since then. It was also a special gig as the audience was full of the family and friends of the choir which is also great.

I wasn't really in a hurray to get down to the main stages so I stopped off to get lunch and made it down to the Pelican Bar to see all the crowd leaving from the Audreys set over on the main stage. As it turned out I ended up staying around the one area for most of Sunday (makes up for all the running around on Saturday.)

Kerri Simpson's set was great and it seemed to roll into Andy Baylor's set in no time at all. I did pop over to see Tex'n'Tim as I had to get photos of the Twits' manager and also of Tex Perkins as he reckoned I should "take photos of someone with hair", but I thought it best just to leave it to the kids after the first song and went back to see the rest of Andy Baylor's set.

Suzannah Espie & the Last Word were great and even though I see them in Melbourne, it was great to see them down in Queenscliff getting a wider audience. Thanks to Al from P-TEX and his friends for buying me a drink after Suzannah's set.

The last act for the festival was quite a way to go out, The Exotics had everyone dancing and the lead singer threatened to stage dive and busted his maracas at the end of the set. They did an encore, but I didn't stick around for much of it as I wanted to get back to the bus.

Here is what happened when I got off the bus in Ocean Grove (my auntie was on the mobile in the car and could see me a hundred meters down the road due to my green hat):
Tim: I'm off the bus
Aileen: turn around
(I do a full 360 degree turn)
T: Where?
A: Half way!
T: Huh?
(Aileen starts waving)

Tides of Welcome Community Choir
Kerri Simpson
Andy Baylor
Tim Rogers
Tex Perkins
Suzannah Espie

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