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Queenscliff Music Festival 2007

Friday 23rd November 2007
I saw the following performers on Friday night:
Chris Wilson & Shane O'Mara, The Basics, AlMacandJack, Antagonize, Girl Vs Ghost, Lil' Fi, Mia Dyson, Nick Charles, Gotye, Unconscious Brothers, Ross Hannaford

I had decided to have a more relaxed festival this year and not run out in the middle of sets to see another band, how well this plan was going to work out during over the course of the weekend was another matter.

It was great to see Chris Wilson and Shane O'Mara playing first up as I didn't get to see much of their set at the Arts Centre as I was selling CDs in the foyer. The local teenagers seemed to appreciate it and even had a wrestling match in the front row while the music was playing.

I did pop in to the Basics for a couple of songs, but it was a bit too crowded for me so I headed over to the Foot in the Door stage as I enjoyed the bands there last year. AlMacandJack were just finishing their songs and had everyone up the front rocking (they eventually won), Antagonize rocked out and Girl Vs Ghost were great for giant strawberries stuck to the stage and theatrics.

As I didn't want to leave before the end of Girl Vs Ghost I missed the start of Lil Fi, but I saw most of her set with special guest Chris Wilson. I haven't seen her for a while and I thought she played well.

Mia Dyson was already playing her set to an appreciative audience when I arrived and I stayed for a few songs, then wandered over to the Pelican Bar to see Nick Charles more relaxed performance.

Lots of people liked Gotye, but I didn't end up staying for long as I wanted to get a good spot for the Unconscious Brothers. They were very popular last year and people had trouble getting in the venue, so it was great they got to play on a bigger stage this year with special guest Chris Wilson, Mia Dyson and Ross Hannaford. At one stage I heard someone yelling out for Sarah, but the Junes were playing in Ocean Grove that night.


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