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Queenscliff Music Festival 2007

Saturday, 24th November, 2007
I saw the following performers on Saturday:
Sweethearts, The Junes, My Friend the Chocolate Cake, Rich Family Band, Lisa Miller, The Leisuremasters, The Rustys, Sambrose Automobile, The Periscopes, Sarah Carroll, Nigel Wearne, Laura Baxter, Sweet Dolores, Steve McEwen and the Yes Men, Sime Nugent, Hank's Jalopy Demons, Paul Kelly, Bob Log III, Vardos

I was looking forward to seeing the Junes as they only play a couple of times a year and I had missed them the week before. On my way down to the Pelican bar I heard another band playing at the Fishnets stage and ended up staying to see the Sweethearts perform as I liked them.

The Junes played very well and afterwards I even got to do a photo shoot for them which was nice. Thanks to Chris Tabone for getting the only photo of me for the entire weekend on my own camera also with Sarah, Gleny and Suzannah.

After the Junes I saw a couple of songs by My Friend the Chocolate Cake and then went to see the Rich Family Band as they had been recommended to me. I enjoyed them as they played traditional country and I haven't heard many people do they songs they play.

While waiting for the Leisuremasters I stopped by the see Lisa Miller who had Shane O'Mara on guitar supporting.

The Leisuremasters were great as they don't usually get to play to a big crowd at the Pint or the Standard in Melbourne. JVG even practised for BBQ day by running into the crowd at one point.

Thanks to Gleny and Dougie for letting me sit with them and buying me some drinks while they planned their sets for the Blues Train. I had to miss Gleny Rae and her Tamworth Playboys on the train unfortunately as I had promised Susan I would go see her the previous night (I had seen the Playboys at the Greyhound on the Thursday luckily.)

I really enjoyed the local music showcase as there were a lot of bands I wouldn't have had the chance to see otherwise and even giant puppets crashing the set didn't have much effect. The medley at the finale was great also.

Sime Nugent was great as always and had a very appreciative crowd for his set. I did go and have a look at Rene Geyer who had surprise guest Rebecca Barnard singing with her, but there were too many people for me to get any photos so I went back to the Pelican bar to see Hank's Jalopy Demons. I had last seen them on Grand Final day and they had heaps more people this time which was great.

I did pop into the merchandise tent to check the election results, as did a lot of other people. Much consternation was had when they turned the TV off for Paul Kelly to do a signing.

The official announcement of the election was made at the start of Paul Kelly's set and also that John Howard was likely to lose his seat, prompting a sing-along to "from little things, big things grow" and Paul Kelly jumping off the drum riser during "Dumb things".

Bob Log III gigs always have a big crowd so I got there early to get a good spot, only to be told there was a 1 metre exclusion zone at the front of the stage (the same security guard also got some poor kid kicked out for dancing) Pah! Gleny, Dougie and Ace joined me up the front for Bob Log's set which everyone had fun to, Gleny even got to get up on stage with Bob which was the highlight along with the boat (he doesn't do that for just any crowd, they have to earn it.)

I had planned to see Intoxica, but ended up going with Dougie to see Vardos over in the other tent to have a bit of a rest and a chat afterwards. The bus home was a lot better this year (I made it all the way back at least), even though I missed the first bus after buying a ticket like I was meant to and everyone else just pushed in. Despite that, it was still a good day and quite a few people would have been happy just to come for the Saturday.


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