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Queenscliff Music Festival 2007

Sunday, 25th November, 2005
I saw the following performers on Sunday:
Mrs Wainright, Tides of Welcome Choir, Bless this House, Bec Willis, The Junes, Dan Kelly, The Breadmakers

Even though I had a late night, I was looking forward to the Sunday as it was going to be more relaxed and I had put off going on the Blues Train so I could see the Junes up and back in the afternoon. Thanks heaps to aunty Aileen who drove me down to Queenscliff in time to see Mrs Wainright (the only buses on Sunday were too early and too late.) I thought they played really well and it was a good effort for the audience to be watching them after having a big night.

I don't get to see them very often, so it was great to see the Tides of Welcome Choir at the Uniting church venue. It was a great family atmosphere and some of the choir ended up joining the Junes on the train later which was great.

Arriving back down at the festival site, I got to see the second half of the Bless This House set with an appreciative audience. I was lucky enough to buy their CD during the weekend and have enjoyed it since then.

Before I queued up for the Blues Train, I popped in to see Bec Willis at Fishnets and thought she was great.

Luckily I had planned ahead to get to the first performance for the Junes on the Blues Train as the line was very long by the time it arrived back at the station. It was a pity that I missed Gleny and Her Tamworth Playboys on Saturday as they got up to some shenanigans during their set Gleny said.

The Junes were great fun on the train and many of the people on the carriage didn't even bother to change at the other end. I gave up my seat and ended up sitting on my foot for the ride home, meaning I couldn't stand up when it was time to get off - Ooops!

Wanting to take it a bit easier and so Sarah didn't worry about me I decided to stay in the Pelican Bar for the rest of the afternoon. Dan Kelly was great and he even liked the crying baby that accompanied one of his songs. Drunk on Election Night was a big hit, even though he won't get to sing it that much any more.

I had heard of the Breadmakers before, and had been looking forward to them all weekend as the festival organisers always put on a great band for the last slot on Sunday. I thought they were great and made up for me not seeing Intoxica the night before.

It was a bit more relaxed festival this year, but I thought it was just as good. Thanks to Aunty Aileen and Laurie for letting me stay at their place, picking me up from the bus/train and for lunch on Friday and dinner on Sunday night. Next year I will hopefully have someone else to bring down with me as I did miss not having anyone to talk to on Friday night.


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