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Queenscliff Music Festival 2008 - Friday

I saw the following performers on Friday night:
Harry Angus, Unconscious Brothers Spectacular with Rebecca Barnard, Josh Owen, Geoff Achison & Guy Pearce, Vulgargrad with Zulya, Kate Miller-Heidke
28th November 2008

I was lucky enough to finally get a media pass for entry this year after three years of taking lots of photos for the festival and buying a Friends of Festival ticket each time. For various reasons I didn't get around to booking my accommodation until quite late and foolishly booked into the only place I knew about in Geelong, the National Hotel. I made this decision myself and did not ask anyone about it beforehand.

After having lunch at the pub and walking down to Geelong for a couple of hours, I managed to get the bus down at the usual time from the train station. It was a lot quieter this year on the Friday due to entry being restricted to people who had the full weekend ticket on Friday. I was the only one having dinner at Bar Rocks when I turned up. I don't think many people went out from the Fishnets stage once they entered either so not many of the stalls were visited.

As there was only one stage going on Friday, I wandered in and out during some of the acts when I wasn't taking photos.

Harry Angus opened the festival and I thought he went well with all the pressure on him being the first act. He also appeared later in the festival with Jackson Jackson.

The Unconscious Brothers Spectacular was what I wanted to see most on the Friday night. I thought Guy Pearce went really well and Rebecca Barnard was gushing being on stage with him. Everyone rushed up the front when they started so I couldn't get over to other side to see Josh Owen and Tim Fullerton on the double bass. Geoff Achison also played really well and I decided to go see him on the Blues Train the next day. After their set I went over the signing table so I could get a photo of Unconscious Brothers with Guy Pearce sitting down and get the program signed. Guy Pearce went to sign under Scott Edgar's photo from Tripod, but he was playing with the Unconscious Brothers so I got him to sign with the rest of the band.

Vulgargrad with special guest Zulya had already started when I got back so I couldn't get right up to the front. "Hey! That's Phil Mcleod!" I thought and started waving at him. It only took a couple of songs for him to notice. I had wanted to see them since I heard their song "Alkoholik" on RRR. They didn't play it all weekend though. While they were packing up, Phil invited me to their performance at the Vue Grand the next day.

"She's so tiny!" I yelled out by accident when Kate Miller-Heidke walked on stage. I didn't mean it, but she was as I didn't expect it as she has such a big voice. The backing band was really great also, especially the guitarist who was jumping around lots. All the kids were squashed up the front so I couldn't any photos from the other side of the stage. Kate Miller-Heidke can really hold a note and managed to make one go up and down about four times during once particular song.

I left a bit before the end of Kate Miller-Heidke's set as I wanted get back to Geelong a bit early as I had a long day tomorrow and needed some rest...or so I thought when I was on the bus back to Geelong...


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