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Queencliff Music Festival 2008 - Saturday

I saw the following performers on Saturday:
Sweet Dolores, The Wilson Pickers, Geoff Achison, Tides of Welcome Choir, Diamond Jim and the Tuff Tones, Fireside Bellows, Sarah Carroll and Andy Baylor, Kerri Simpson, Vulgargrad with Zulya, ROOT!, Oh Laura, Tripod, Jeremy Jay, Kaya, Marshall and the Fro, The Bawdies, The Town Bikes
29th November 2008

6am and I plod down the stairs at the hotel, haven given up trying to sleep at 5.30am after arriving back at the place last night to find it packed, doof-doof playing until 3am and the fight, yelling and throwing up from the street below going until 5am. Two people checked into my room well after 3am and kept opening the door. It was very inconsiderate of those men to get into bed together and do what they did while I was trying to sleep in the same dorm room. Also one of them was sneaking around looking under my bed, so I yelled out "OI!" and he buggered off.

"Chops" and the other bloke who were the bar staff from last night having a wind-down drink while the cleaners were working and we had a talk about what happened the night before and music in general. At least those two blokes would be gone they assured me.

Walking past the shops that weren't going to open for another two hours at least looking for breakfast, I noticed the "THINK" poster with the Geelong footy players and the bloke with a stitched-up head, only to come across a bloke standing outside the 7-11 on Moorabool St looking like a road accident victim. Go to directly to the hospital! He did not and just wandered off down Malop St. I couldn't have done anything except tell him to go to the hospital myself.

I didn't mean to send that many SMSes to Sarah, but I had to tell someone what had happened. Had breakfast at the Banjo's bakery on Moorabool St and wandered down to the train station to wait for 1&1/2 hours. I did read one story from "Cowboys, Cowboys, Cowboys" but gave up on the second after I couldn't read the next page in half an hour.

Much relief to finally get the bus down to Queenscliff a bit after 9am and arrive just as Sweet Dolores was starting at the Queenscliff Inn.

Unfortunately, I missed the local music showcase this year, but I had to line up for the Blues Train so I could go to see the Wilson Pickers as it would be difficult to see them any other time. I thought they went great on the way up even though they had to play acoustically and lean against the side of the train.

Geoff Achison was so popular on the train nobody got off at the change of ends and I watched the back of someone's head for the return journey. Was still good to hear him playing though.

I was going to see the Tides of Welcome Choir on Sunday, but it was good to see them in a different venue, the Apostle. Susan and Narelle from Sweet Dolores also turned up, which was great to see.

It was very difficult to choose who to see with so many people on, but I decided to go see Fireside Bellows as I hadn't seen them for a while. Sarah also was there and I ended up going down with her to take photos of her with Kerri Simpson on the live broadcast of Twang on RRR outside the festival gates.

That worked out fine as well as I arrived just after Sarah to her gig and got a table on the veranda, which was nice.

After Sarah's gig, I went to the Vue Grand on Phil's advice from the night before to get their early for Vulgargrad. Elana Stone was still playing and although I couldn't see her, just hearing her sing with just her voice, the piano and the two guitarists unamped was enough to convince me to see her the next day.

Before Vulgargrad's set they moved two rows of chairs back so people could dance. Not many people did unfortunately and some complaining old goat came up to me later and whinged about people blocking her view by dancing - pah! Seeing as nobody else was dancing, I got up the front to dance with the band and ended up with the good dancers on one side. Also I got a photo with Phil Mcleod while he was still playing, not many places I could do that.

I had resigned myself to missing ROOT!'s set on the Saturday due to seeing Vulgargrad, but no, they were still playing as I got near the gates, so I ran down around the tent and danced up the front for the last few songs.

I did have dinner and then wandered over to see Oh Laura. I didn't really feel a connection to the main stage this year and didn't feel like having to go wait up the front for the bands to start there while I missed people on other stages. Oh Laura did play "Release Me" and people ran into the tent from all directions, yelling out and all. The lead singer was surprised by her young male cheer squad for some reason.

My real reason for being in that area was to see Tripod in the Bedouin Tent, which was the kids' stage during the day and the fill-in stage for the main stage at night. Heaps of people jammed in and sat on the ground, including a whole heap of children right next to where Yon was standing, leading to many "Fagan and the pickpockets" jokes from Scott. Scott also commented that he had always wanted to play in a venue with a pole directly in front of him also. I hadn't seen Scott and Tripod since the Prince night at the Comedy Festival earlier this year so it was great to see them.

With no Pelican Bar this year, I was interested to see how the replacement venue, the Shed would do. First impressions were of a school dance in a Scout Hall (which it is for the rest of the year.) Jeremy Jay also looked like the kind of band that would play at a Prom (at least their look), but everyone seemed to enjoy him.

I was wandering off some place when Leila and her friends asked me if I was going to see Kaya, which had her friend's fiancée in it. I was glad I did as I like seeing all-female bands and they did remind me of a couple I know and I wanted to see how they compared. I thought they did really well and I even bought their Christmas album after their set.

Marshall and the Fro were just finishing up their set when I got back to the Fishnets stage and the crowd was going nuts. I think someone might have told me to see them also, oh well, next time.

The Bawdies were one of the bands I had been told in advance to go see. I was lucky enough to see them twice at the festival and they were really well received by the crowd. I left just before the set was stopped on the Saturday night due to a medical emergency, but I saw the St John's Ambulance people going past and heard the call out to during Madder Lake's set for someone in the audience.

I had been wanting to see the Town Bikes all day, if I could just make their set I could go home I thought. Their show was a half an hour slot with two longer dances, so I went into burlesque shooting mode and went a bit nuts with the camera (1,160 photos). My legs started to buckle and I ran down two sets of batteries and used up all bar 203 photos in my camera, but I made it to the end of their show. I was going to see Jackson Jackson, but I just stayed up the back and waited for the girls to get changed so I could give them a present I had bought down for one of them.

Walking back up the street to the bus I noticed an unusually large amount of schoolies walking around, but they didn't seem to be causing that much trouble at first. As it was almost an hour to the next bus I went to get a pizza and was amused by teenagers with Pumped water bottles full of Midori and lemonade and teenage girls with ripped stocking and trashy dresses loudly debating who was going to go suck the head security guy's cock so they could get a ride home.

Oh man! I can't eat a whole large pizza by myself! I did offer some to the bus coordinator as he had been standing there all night dealing with the kids. I went over the in front of the Vue Grand to wait only to have one of the kids ask for a slice. They didn't even eat it, just screwed around with it, took photos and it ended up on the ground after they fought over it. Then they came and grabbed the last slice out of my hand, I was eating it! I had been awake for 39 hours by this stage and had enough, a waiting taxi and $60 cab fare back to Geelong was welcome relief. Even Spencer P Jones playing loudly in the bandroom out the back of the hotel was like a lullaby by this stage and I wasn't even concerned about the 5cm long sparks coming out of the power point when I tried to use it. SLEEP.


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