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Queenscliff Music Festival 2008 - Sunday

I saw the following performers on Sunday:
Elana Stone, Tides of Welcome Choir, The Bedroom Philosopher, Sarah Carroll and Andy Baylor, ROOT!, The Bawdies, Jackson Jackson
30th November 2008

BING! 6am and I wake up like normal. You wouldn't have even known I was up for 41 hours the day before. Quick shower and downstairs to hand back my keys to the cleaners as I checked out early. Had less than an hour to wait at the train station today and a bloke with a braided mullet and Ned Kelly F&*( OFF! t-shirt eating party pies off a plastic plate asked me for directions to the closest Tabaret at 7am on a Sunday morning.

It was very quiet down the street in Queenscliff and even the festival area was empty when I walked through the gates with my bags. I arrived so early for Elana Stone's gig in the Shed that the sound engineers and stage manager hadn't even arrived and I got to listen to the CFA give their fire safety talk for the venue.

Elana Stone was great and I even bought her single later in the day. There was some trouble getting somewhere to put the organ, so they got a speaker case and staked bricks and a big can of SPC peaches in syrup in it. There were quite a few people by the end and I decided to stay for the whole set rather than run off so I could see the Tides of Welcome start as I didn't feel like running.

The Tides of Welcome Choir had started already, but I was happy enough to watch them from the back of the venue. After their set I helped Sarah find the venue she was playing at and went back to see the Bedroom Philosopher.

The schedule was quite difficult to work out so I had missed the Bedroom Philosopher twice during the previous day in the Shed and on the Blues Train. It was a good set, but I walked out when he said "no flash photography" the second time (I wasn't using a flash.) As I always do what people say and had to cloak my camera at You Am I earlier in the month and was not allowed to take photos of one particular performer at a burlesque show on my birthday.

I was going to go see Jeff Lang, but Sarah was closer so I arrived during her set and stayed to the end. I thought it was a great venue and hopefully it gets used at other times of the year.

Wanting to get lunch before ROOT! I saw my friends near the "Mon's Comedy Cooker" stall and ended up buying my lunch there. Also I got some funny photos there.

DC Root commented at the start of ROOT!s gig in the Shed when the whistle of the Blues Train sounded "It doesn't get more authentic!". I thought it was a great gig and the audience was much more responsive than what I had seen the previous day. Lots of new songs, so hopefully their new album is going well. There were a couple of people from the ROOT! fan base around for this gig also, which was great to see. DC Root was in the crowd a lot in this set and even Henri Root went to watch DC do his monologue from the audience. Some of the longer parts of DC's monologues in some songs were cut out as he "couldn't be arsed", I still thought the rest of the songs went well though and bought the "Get Up Yourself" single from the merch tent later.

I wasn't going to take any photos of the Bawdies for this set, but did towards the end when they were getting into it. The Wilson Pickers commented on my Pine-Lime Slice and I said hello to Jeff Lang and gave him the photo mosaic card of him I bought down.

I had liked what I had heard from Jackson Jackson the previous night, so I got a good spot up the front for the start of their set and tried to not take only photos of the Jackson Jackon Five backing singers. Elana Stone was one of them and I could her voice coming out from the mix as it is very distinctive. I did watch most of their set from the front, then went up the back to get the last few photos of the crowd and said goodbye to Dan.

Thanks heaps to Sarah to offering to drive me back to the train station in Geelong. I ended up going to wait outside the Royal and listening to the bouncers not let people into the after party for inane and stupid reasons. I did get to high-five the Bawdies as they went in said hello to Carla and her friend again and a few other bands.

In hindsight I should have taken a Mersyndol on the way to Geelong, as boy was my headache bad by the time I got to Melbourne (I'd been chewing through Neurofen like smarties so they were no good.) KFC for dinner, shower and bed by 10pm. Some of my stuff is still where I dropped it when I arrived home.


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