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Queenscliff Music Festival 2009 - Friday

Tinpan Orange, The Megahorns, Pigram Brothers, Gun Street Girls
27th November 2009

I knew the festival was coming up this year, but was not sure I would be able to get there this year as I hadn't had as much work as I had hoped in the last few months plus I didn't want to have to stay in Geelong again after what happened last year. Thanks to Sarah and Jane for organising accommodation for me at the last minute and doing a photo shoot with Gleny the week before I was able to attend.

It was good to see some changes this year on the Friday night as there really wasn't much to do last year if you didn't like the band that was playing on the only stage that was running. Cheers to Toby and the Dancing Goat Coffee crew who I visited a lot on the weekend.

I had seen Tinpan Orange supporting Jordie Lane a few weeks before and I thought they played well being the first act of the festival.

The Megahorns were great to have playing in the breaks under the tree, I had last seen them at the Community Cup and Mal Webb joined them for a jam.

I had also been asked to come see the Pigram Brothers on the Saturday night instead of coming down to Queenscliff, but I didn't want to miss the festival, so it was great to see them play on the Friday instead.

With "The Shed" up and running on the Friday this year, I thought I would have a quick look at the Gun Street Girls and I ended up staying for the whole set. I was stinking hot in the shed, but everyone seemed to enjoy it.

I couldn't get into the tent when Marcia Hines was playing and decided to have an early night. The storm hit when I was in bed and I heard someone running past screaming in the rain. From what I heard the next day there were two storms that rolled in and I was glad to have been in bed and not on the bus back to Geelong like I would have been last year.


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