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Queenscliff Music Festival 2009 - Saturday

Aluka, Alica Merrit, Steve Jones, Charles Jenkins & The Zhivagos, The Junes, Djan Djan, Mal Webb, Stephen McEwan & The Yes Men, The McClymonts, Dan Musil, Organ Boy, Black Market Rhythm Co., Even with special guest Dan Sultan
28th November 2009

After a good night's sleep, I decided to start what would be a long day for me gently with breakfast and Aluka at the Atrium. There were some good bands playing there throughout the weekend, but unfortunately I didn't get to see any of them. I also bought their EP as I enjoyed them so much.

Even though the Junes weren't playing until 1.30pm, I still wanted to see a couple of people in the Road to Tamworth heat to see what the competition was like. It was OK I suppose.

I had been wanting to see Charles Jenkins and The Zhivagos for ages, but hadn't gotten around to it. I thought it was a great set and Suzannah also sang with the band later in the day in the shed, which I missed as I was watching another band.

Yes I did go to see the Junes three times in two days, but missed their performance on Denise Hylands' Twang outside broadcast as I was on the train. They only did a short set in the shed so I when I heard Jeff Lang's guitar playing I went over to see a song and a bit from Djan Djan on the main stage and lined up for the train.

As expected it was very busy on the train during the festival (now renamed the QMF Express just for the weekend) and I got to see Mal Webb on the way up after having not been able to get into the Apostle that morning due to a full house. I saw Stephen McEwan & The Yes Men on the way back, which was great.

I still had an hour or so before seeing the Junes so I went to check out the McClymonts on the main stage. They were good, but it was a different type of country music than I have seen before. Lots of people liked them though.

After seeing the Junes for the second time I stayed around for Stephen McEwan & The Yes Men as Susan was singing with "the Yesettes" with Narelle and Sarah and had asked me to come see her. I thought it was a great set and Stephen didn't fall off the stage like he did on the train.

Dan Musil had also asked me to come see him in the Brickhouse so I stopped in for his short set and then walked up the street to see Organ Boy at the Vue Grand.

Organ Boy was great as were the little ditties he played to demonstrate all the buttons on his organ. Yes, there were a lot of organ jokes.

By the time I got back down to the festival site it was raining again and Little Birdy's tent was too crowded to get into so I went to see Black Market Music Co. instead. They had a lot of younger people in seeing them and I thought they went well.

Even were one of the first bands I went to see in Melbourne at the Rosstown around 2001 and I can't remember taking photos of them before. Their set was one of the best at the festival and I enjoyed the rock riff trivia part. Special guest for the encore was Dan Sultan, who was very well received and it was great to see him as I missed seeing him earlier in the day.

I wasn't really interested in seeing the Original Wailers so had a wind down by seeing the Megahorns on the Fishnets stage, bought a pizza and ate it back where I was staying so no one could steal it out of my hand this time.


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