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Queenscliff Music Festival 2009 - Sunday

Tides of Welcome, Mal Webb, Grace Barbe, Bertie Blackman, Howl, The Junes, Peter Combe, Tim Finn
29th November 2009

By the third day of the festival I am usually very tired, but it was a lot better this year due to being in the town and not having to travel.

The Tides of Welcome Choir got to sing on one of the main stages for the first time after being a fixture at Stoked on Hesse on a Sunday for the last four years. I liked their new songs and the guest conductors. I forgot to buy a CD though but hopefully everyone from the choir likes their photos.

It was fun seeing Mal Webb playing a kid's show in the Brickhouse and everyone got up to dance.

Grace Barbe was very popular and had lots of people dancing up the front. Hopefully I get to see her again when she plays in Melbourne.

Waiting for the Junes on the QMF Express I popped in to see Bertie Blackman and Howl. I hadn't known Bertie Blackman's song was playing in the promos for Queenscliff as I hadn't heard her before. Howl had lots of teenagers in seeing them, but was a bit too loud for me.

The Junes boarded the "Schadenfreude Express" with the usual bumps on the first trip up and back I saw them on. The special song for the day was "Trains of Love". Thanks to Gleny for letting me skip the line and I also helped load-in from the car.

I had been looking forward to Peter Combe and I thought he played well, but I wanted to see if I could make it to see Tim Finn so I left early.

Luckily the set up for Tim Finn was taking a bit longer, so it was easy enough to get up the front. Once he started everyone stood up and went right to the front so I was blocked in. Tim Finn played a really great set with all the Crowded House/Split Enz favourites as well as his own songs. It was also great to see Bernie who was standing beside me the whole time and getting to talk to Brentan Clifford from the festival afterwards about the other photographers saying "who's this photographer who can order the bands around on stage and they do what he says?" It was only the one band I swear.

I had to leave in a rush so I didn't get to say goodbye to Toby, but thanks to Chris Tabone for giving me a lift back to Yarraville where I got the train home.

It was a great festival and relaxing after the trouble I had last year. The Shed really came into its own as a venue and it was good to have a few bigger acts playing even if I didn't go to see them.


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