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Queenscliff Music Festival 2010 - Saturday

Local Music Showcase: Stephen McEwan, Chloe & Anika, Dave Steel & Tiffany Eckhardt, Beau (The Rustys) & Brittney McNeil, Catherine Sanzaro, Victoriana Gaye, Tides of Welcome Choir, Sweet Delores, Sweethearts, Dave Steel & Tiffany Eckhardt, The Nymphs, Mary Gauthier & Tania Elizabeth, Stevie Wonder Tribute Showcase: Sweethearts, Ashleigh Mannix, Mick Thomas & the Sure Thing, Kate Vigo & the Underground Orchestra, Ray Beadle Band, Tides of Welcome Choir, Stephen McEwan, The Nymphs, Quarry Mountain Dead Rats, Blue Shaddy, Gareth Liddiard, Dan Kelly's Dream Band, The Mercurials
27th November 2010

Saturday is always a big day in the festival and after a minor panic when I went to get change at the train station in Geelong, only to find it was a festival special and I now didn't have enough money I made it onto the bus.

I had missed seeing the Local Music Showcase for the last couple of years for some reason, but I am glad I made it this time as I really enjoyed seeing Dave Steel & Tiffany Eckhardt and Catharine Sanzaro who I wouldn't have gone to see otherwise.

As I didn't know if I was going to make their performance on Sunday morning, I wanted to go see the Tides of Welcome at Stoked on Hesse. In a bit of a change this year it was an unplugged venue, but it suited the venue and the acts they had there could hold their own un-amplified.

Due to the rain I didn't want to huddle on the front porch trying to see Sweet Delores, so decided to take a raincheck and come back to see them later. I did get to go see the Nymphs, who were great and I am not sure why I wasn't going to see them in the first place and I ended up buying two of their CDs.

It had been raining fairly heavily all afternoon, so I was glad to get out of the rain and have lunch out the back of Lombardys while watching Dave Steel & Tiffany Eckhardt, I was so impressed I bought a CD.

Take two for Sweet Delores and it was much better out of the rain and the audience and band seemed to enjoy it.

I was going to stay to see the Nymphs at the Apostle, but left after the first couple of songs as I was disappointed with the sound and also I couldn't find anywhere to stand where I would not be in someone's way. It was good to see Mary Gauthier again after last seeing her at the Basement Discs earlier in the year.

The Stevie Wonder Tribute Showcase was also another section of the festival program I had been told to attend as it would be good. There were a lot of bands playing that I wouldn't have had the chance to see otherwise. My favourites in the line up were Sweethearts, Mick Thomas & the Sure Thing, Tides of Welcome Choir, Stephen McEwan and the Nymphs.

As I haven't seen him play solo, I wanted to go see Gareth Liddiard as he was an unusual choice for a festival audience. He is a good songwriter, but I am not sure he suited a mixed/family crowd carrying on an swearing between songs as there were kids up the front. It was very quiet while he was playing and everyone sat on the floor, making it hard to get more people into the venue.

Dan Kelly's Dream Band had a big audience by the time they started and I liked the costumes and backing singers they had for the occasion. It was starting to get a bit squishy so I left after the first couple of songs but I am sure everyone had fun.

As I had been busy during the day I didn't get to see the Rockwiz show, so I wanted to go see the Mercurials and say hello to Mark Ferrie. It was a nice relaxing gig at the Vue Grand and good to be out of the rain.

I had originally planned to stay and see the Meanies to finish off the day, but the constant rain wore me down and I decided to leave early. From what I heard the Meanies played well.


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