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Queenscliff Music Festival 2010 - Sunday

Ashleigh Mannix, Tides of Welcome Choir, Catherine Britt, Sally Seltmann, Sweet Delores, The Rustys, Stephen McEwan, The Nymphs, The Meanies, Mick Thomas & the Sure Thing
28th November 2010

I had meant to get a good night's sleep, but for some reason just could not get settled. Thanks to Adam and Travers from Music Workshop for giving me a lift down on Sunday. I got to have a walk around and a hot chocolate with the Nymphs before their gig in the morning.

It was great to see Ashleigh Mannix after her gig on Friday night, but I had to leave after the first couple of songs to catch some of the choir.

Despite what I thought I did manage to catch a couple of songs before going over to see Sally Seltmann and also some of Catherine Britt, who was OK if you like Australian musicians singing with an American accent.

Sally Seltmann was really great and I did want to give her another chance live after not having a good experience at her CD launch at the Corner earlier this year. I heard later that the Nymphs also managed to catch her after their gig.

As I hadn't managed it before in the weekend, I decided to go on the QMF Express with a band I knew so I saw Sweet Delores on the way up and the Rustys on the way back. The Rustys had a lot of fans and did a version of MGMT's "Kids" they called "Barbara Streisand".

The next two bands I saw back to back at Stoked on Hesse were Stephen McEwan and the Nymphs who were both great in that space. It was packed out for the Nymphs in particular and they had picked up a lot of new fans over the weekend. I also liked the introductions and closing summaries given by the MC for the venue and hopefully the bands involved got a copy for their PR.

I had missed them last night so I wanted to go see the Meanies, I knew I would have to miss Kate Miller-Hiedeke, but I saw her a couple of years ago at the festival. Link was in fine form as always and a few people got into it up the front.

Finishing off the festival for me was Mick Thomas & the Sure Thing and it was great to see Sarah, Susan and everyone else there for the last band. I even put my camera away after a bit as I had well and truly taken enough photos for the weekend by then.

It was a good festival and different to last year. Next year, by hook or by crook I will be staying down on the Bellarine Peninsula. Thanks to Narelle for the place to stay over the weekend and I will try to get down to a gig or two at the Barwon Club in the New Year.


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