Queenscliff Music Festival 2010

26th - 28th November 2010

Friday - The Black Sorrows
Friday, 26th November
Friday - The Black Sorrows
Saturday, 27th November
Friday - The Meanies
Sunday, 28th November

Frank Yamma, Izzy, Katie Noonan & The Captains, Mr Percival, Ashleigh Mannix (1)(2)(3), The Black Sorrows, Stephen McEwan (1)(2)(3), Chloe & Anika, Dave Steel & Tiffany Eckhardt (1)(2), Beau (The Rustys) & Brittney McNeil, Catherine Sanzarro, Victoriana Gaye, Tides of Welcome Choir (1)(2)(3), Sweet Delores (1)(2)(3), Sweethearts (1)(2), The Nymphs (1)(2)(3), Mary Gauthier, Kate Vigo & the Underground Orchestra, Ray Beadle Band, Quarry Mountain Dead Rats, Blue Shaddy, Gareth Liddiard, Dan Kelly's Dream Band, The Mercurials, Catherine Britt, Sally Seltmann, The Rustys, The Meanies, Mick Thomas & The Sure Thing (1)(2)

Queenscliff Music Festival 2010 photo mosaic

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