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Runaway Boys

Route 66
Sunday, 18th March 2007

After enjoying myself at the last in store with the Hybernators and the Vaudevillians at Route 66 the other week, I had pencilled this gig into my diary and wasn't really planning that much. I woke up better than expected after the St Paddy's day celebrations so I decided to go to this gig so I could avoid having to watch the F1 Grand Prix on TV.

I don't get to see young bands play that much as they are mostly out in the suburbs, so it was great to see the Runaway Boys today and all their fans who turned up. Some of them had come a long way to see them also. I liked their logo and the matching band tattoos on their arms (now that's commitment to a band!)

The rockabilly bands I have seen have tended to be a bit older so they don't get around as much and only mount the double bass once in the set. The Runaway Boys seemed to do it a lot more, span it around their heads and rolled around on the floor whilst playing. It was quite a hit with the audience, but they seemed to be a bit reserved today.

I couldn't afford to buy an EP on the day, but I will get one in the future and pass it onto my friend for her Rockabilly radio show as she would love it.

There were a lot more people watching from outside I found out after the gig, including Chris from the Living End who obviously thinks a lot of them as he bought their EP. Definitely a band to look out for around town if you get the chance and hopefully by the time they do the "Punkabilly" gig in August I will have a job and be able to go see them.


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